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Summer Swimwear Giveaway with Albion Fit

Can you even believe summer is right around the corner?  Me either, because it means one thing for sure…..swimsuit season, lol!

You’ll have no worries looking amazing in these swimsuits I am sharing with you today. is offering a Picky Palate reader with $150 to shopping online their site.  Wait until you see these adorable suits.

Albion Fit offers beautiful, comfortable, and high-performance fitness and swimwear for the fashion and health-conscious female. They also recognize the importance of balancing an active lifestyle.  Love that!

Here are some of my favorites.


Love Love Love this suit!  I do not have a bikini body, so I am always looking for stylish one pieces.  This one is so cute!  It’s called The Show Stopper Black and White.


How cute is this Blousy Shirt Top suit?  Great for hiding…say….leftover baby tummy?!  Yes!


Love this one too!  It’s called the Gown Suit Poppy.


Another cute pick from me is this Dolled Up Polka Dot Suit.  Cute huh?! also has exercise wear, make sure to check it out HERE and HERE.

You can find them on Facebook,  Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Be sure to follow them for news on products and giveaways!

Now for the Giveaway!  One lucky winner will win $150 to go shopping online at!

Use the rafflecopter widget below to get entered!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure:  I received product for hosting this giveaway however thoughts and opinions are my own.

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540 Responses | Comments RSS

  1. 101
    Melissa says:

    I love the Gown Suit in Poppy!

  2. 102
    Pam says:

    Wow! They are all so cute!

  3. 103
    Marilyn M. says:

    Love the first suit you posted….but it will be hard to choose 🙂 Thanks!

  4. 104
    Rebecca says:

    I love the cha-cha top and the showstopper in black and white. I love bikinis but there are some days when you need a one piece!

  5. 105
    Heather says:


  6. 106

    Oh gosh – these suits are soooo cute!

  7. 107
    Trina A says:

    I like the swim tanks

  8. 108
    Leslie says:

    I’d like to try the black mantra yoga pant.

  9. 109
    Marisa says:

    My favorite is the criss cross suit.

  10. 110
    Meghan says:

    I’m really loving the showstopper black and white. It is so stylish for a one piece!

  11. 111
    Paige says:

    I can’t choose a favorite. I like all of their clothes!

  12. 112
    MandaKay says:

    Super cute suits!!!

  13. 113
    Emily C says:

    I absolutely love the Blousy Suit, Top and Bottom, Emerald Green! Just love love love love love it!

  14. 114
    Andrea says:

    The blousy suit top is awesome! I Love that one!

  15. 115
    Christie N. says:

    What a great giveaway!! I like the so meshed suit.

  16. 116
    natalie says:

    I love the ballerina suit in Plum.

  17. 117
    Heather Hicks says:

    I like the gown suit in charcoal!

  18. 118
    Becky says:

    Show stopper is a cute one. But they all look good on the model!

  19. 119
    Jessica says:

    I love their stuff and have been drooling over the blousy tanking suite for months!

  20. 120
    judy says:

    cute & fashionable suits!!

  21. 121
    Crystal Andersen says:

    So many cute Swimsuits!! I love the gown suit!!

  22. 122
    Susan says:

    LOVE the modesty of these suits!! I think my fave is the Gown Suit – although which color I would choose would be the question of the hour! 😉

  23. 123
    Jen says:

    Show stopper black & white

  24. 124
    Amanda B. says:

    These are super cute! I need a new suit, too…

  25. 125

    There are so many that I love! I love the So Meshed Suit, I like the Criss Cross Suit, Plum, I love the Dolled Up Polka Suit, I love the Criss Cross Suit in Black and I love the Gown Suit in Charcoal

  26. 126
    Nicole B. says:

    Love the shop stopper black and white too! Adorable.

  27. 127
    Amanda B. says:

    I meant to add that I love the Criss Cross Suit- it looks supportive enough for my ladies!!

  28. 128
    Michelle R. says:

    Such cute swimsuits!

  29. 129
    Kari Howell says:

    I LOVE the Blousy Suit in Black!

  30. 130

    I like the Criss Cross Suit, Yellow

  31. 131

    I LOVE the zig zag and petal suites. Great giveaway and I’m so stoked they are coming to Utah! 🙂

  32. 132
    Abbey says:

    The blousy top is genius!

  33. 133
    Michelle R. says:

    I like the Midnight Dip suit in black, but they’re all awesome 🙂

  34. 134
    Laura says:

    I love the gown suit in poppy and the on the dot in navy blue. I’m due with my first baby in July and would love a cute one piece. Thanks! 🙂

  35. 135
    Diana says:

    Loving the poppy gown suit!

  36. 136
    Jamie says:

    I love all of these! It would be hard to choose one 🙂

  37. 137
    Robin Whiting says:

    Wow these are awesome! Thanks for the blog post and info.

  38. 138
    Robin Whiting says:

    My favorite would be The BLOUSY SUIT, TOP, EMERALD GREEN and it’s not a bad price at all!

  39. 139
    Dena says:

    I LOVE the blousy shirt top suit–I just had my first baby in early February and I have that baby belly left, so that suit looks absolutely fabulous!!

  40. 140
    Katie H. says:

    I love Show Stopper, black and white, and Gown Suit, poppy!

  41. 141
    Stacey G. says:

    Love the Blousy shirt top suit…just what I am looking for!!!

  42. 142
    Ashley says:

    Show Stopper is by far my favorite!

  43. 143
    Jenalyn Mills says:

    I love the blousy suits.

  44. 144
    sara says:

    I’m crazy about the zig and zag swimsuit in charcoal! 🙂

  45. 145
    Roberta says:

    I love the blousy shirt top suit in Navy.

  46. 146
    Jenny says:

    My favorite is the top one you pictured! But they are all so cute!

  47. 147
    Christy says:

    I love the pedal suit!! Awesome! Thanks for introducing me to the company!

  48. 148
    Brooke says:

    These suits are adorable! Need.

  49. 149
    Brooke says:

    These suits are adorable! Love them all.

  50. 150
    Heather B says:

    love that gown suit!

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