Thanksgiving Round-Up and Butterball Turkey Giveaway! 10 Winners!

Thanksgiving is one of the best Holidays of the year isn’t it? Talk about the best food ever!! Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, rolls, green bean casserole….the list goes on and on. I am drooling even thinking about it!

The nice folks from Butterball are offering 10 lucky Picky Palate readers a free Thanksgiving Turkey (in the form of a $15 Coupon). How fun is that? See bottom of post to enter.

If there are a few things I’ve learned over the years it has been the following things:

1. Test out the recipes you are preparing for Thanksgiving in ADVANCE! No need for any added stress if a recipe doesn’t turn out how you expected 🙂

2. Have family help bring food to dinner. The host absolutely should not have to prepare the entire meal him/herself.

3. Prepare what you can the night before to save yourself some time in the kitchen. I try to do all of my desserts the night before 🙂

4. Have a clean up party with your guests! Don’t be left with a gigantic mess all by your lonesome 🙂

5. Most importantly enjoy every moment!

Here are some of my favorite Picky Palate Thanksgiving Recipes tried and true! Hope y’all enjoy!

The Best Stuffing Ever! Sourdough Cornbread and Sausage Stuffing

Cheesy Bacon Green Bean Casserole Pot Pie


Simple Butter Herb Thanksgiving Turkey (scroll down to 2nd recipe)

Cinnamon Roll Pumpkin Vanilla Sheet Cake

Remember that the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line lady is also available to answer your Thanksgiving meal questions, share ways to save or to gobble up any turkey-day cooking myths. Their number is 1-800-BUTTERBALL.

Here’s How To Enter to win one of 10 Free Turkeys:

1. Tell us in a comment…..“Have you had any Thanksgiving Disasters that you’ve turned into something fun?”  Let’s hear those Turkey Day stories!

2. For extra entries, Follow Picky Palate on Twitter, RSS Feed and Like us on Facebook. Leave 3 separate comments for this.

3. Contest ends Friday November 11, 8am PST, Winners chosen by and will be notified by email. Coupons provided by Butterball.

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949 Responses
  1. Vickie

    I’m grateful to say that I haven’t had any real disasters on Thanksgiving! it’s my favorite meal of the year to cook!

  2. courtney

    So far not yet. At the transition stage in life where you conform to immediate family rather than the big ol extended family because grandparents aren’t there anymore. Needing to make our own little traditions desperately in efforts not to miss them so much at these times.

  3. Rebecca

    Not a disaster, just an unconventional thanksgiving. Last year my husband missed Thanksgiving for a 2nd year in a row, due to deployments. So my children and I made homemade mashed potaties (to say they were gummy is an understatement), breaded turkey breasts, garlic toast (slightly over toasted) and brownies. Best Thanksgiving ever!

  4. I burnt our homemade sweet rolls and had to cut off the bottoms. Thankfully, no one noticed so I guess it wouldn’t be considered a “disaster” but definitely close especially in a family of bread-lovers!

  5. Ashley

    I had about ten people all together in our house last Thanksgiving and our turkey did not get done until about two hours later than expected, and everybody ate the meal without the turkey!!! So, needless to say, we had a lot of left over turkey. It was fun though!

  6. jamie

    i actually have never had a thanksgiving day disaster? thanks for the turkey giveaway. and i’m loving your thanksgiving recipes!

  7. Carol G

    Years ago I decided to have the family come to my house and cook Thanksgiving dinner all by myself, after all how hard could it be? (shaking my head smiling) My Mom made it look so easy… I bought a turkey that had a plastic tube which popped out when it was done, however you had to twist it to a ‘cook’ position which I must have read over. Everything else was completed a good 3 hours and my turkey still hadn’t ‘popped’. When we decided to take it out it was really done and dry. We had a turkey-less Thanksgiving and I am still teased that I tried to make my Southern family ‘vegetarian’! lol Nowadays I let my brother fry our turkeys, they taste much better ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Kara

    My first Thanksgiving after getting married, I decided to make rolls from scratch for a 40+ Thanksgiving menu. Not having worked with yeast much before, I did not know the time involved and was shaping bread well into the Thanksgiving day. ๐Ÿ™‚ Luckily my new husband and I had fun laughing in the kitchen together, and it all worked itself out, even though the rolls were slightly doughy and crispy!

  9. LynnLynn

    I once made a cheeseball that turned out to be the most disgusting thing ever. One of my cousins put some on a cracker, ate it and then made this face of disgust!!! Needless to say I never made that recipe again.

  10. Cindy

    One year, my grandparents power went out so we attempted to cook the turkey on the grill. Emphasis on the word “attempted”!!!

  11. Rina

    I made some homemade rolls for the first time the day before Thanksgiving and I accidentally left it out overnight on the stove uncovered. The next day it was hard as a rock! Instead of throwing it out I made some awesome bread pudding with it.

  12. Our fridge died the day before Thanksgiving. It was interesting preparing dinner from an ice chest. It kind of felt like camping for Thanksgiving. Dinner turned out great and we enjoyed being with family.

  13. I made rolls one year for Thanksgiving and they were as hard as rocks. It was so terrible because my mother and sister-in-laws are all wonderful cooks. I decided to become a GREAT roll maker…..and didn’t give up. I have to say I make some incredible soft, light rolls now…….with a little practice … can do anything !!!

  14. Lisa Boudreaux

    One year my husband got a 30lb turkey as a gift from his job. It barely fit in the oven – we ended up using 6 aluminum pans and the drippings kept overflowing the pan – eventually causing a small fire. Finally we were forced to cut the breast meat off and just cook that – it was still enough for 12 people!

  15. Michelle Woodcock

    ! year, we tried to fry a turkey for all my husbands side of the family. Unfortunately, the turkey was not quite thawed………
    We definitely had lots of leftovers!! : ) Just no turkey for Thanksgiving dinner.

  16. Susan

    A couple of years ago my 25 year old daughter who was single never cooked a turkey before was helping me and stuffed the turkey without taking out the neck heart, etc. She stuffed it and we put it in the oven and I was looking around for them to boil them for the gravy and I ask her where she put them and she ask me what I was talking about. Needless to say we had to pull the turkey out and take the stuffing out and get the neck,etc. I ask her when you were cleaning it out why didn’t you take it out and she said I did…but I thought it belonged in there so I put it back.

  17. Patty

    My first year hosting I accidentally left the bag of giblets in the turkey. Luckily the bag wasn’t plastic and it didn’t burn, no the turkey was still edible.

  18. Lindsey Johnson

    One year we forgot to thaw the turkey. Frantic about the house full of people, it ended up being microwaved. Not the best moment but definitely unforgettable.

  19. The first time I was in charge of the turkey I couldn’t find the baggie of guts that you find in most turkeys. I even asked my mom and she couldn’t find it either. I needed it for the gravy…I was trying a new gravy recipe that called for the gizzards and neck. After I baked the turkey I found them! Everything turned out okay though. Whew!

  20. Marisa

    A few years ago my mom made a pumpkin pie and forgot to add sugar to it. My 3 year old daughter was the only who would eat it.

  21. amanda s

    when i first started really getting into cooking i invited my whole family over.. i was so excited i got up early put the turkey on..started all my side dishes.. it was almost time to chow down.. but before we could eat i noticed my turkey was on fire.. OMG!! the grease had dripped and my turkey was completely black.. so much for making a good first impression! haha

  22. Deanna

    Moved into our new house during week of Thanksgiving…wanted to host Thanksgiving dinner but didn’t realize we were still on temporary electricity. Blew the light in our stove, turkey didn’t cook in time – it’s been 6 years now and we always have it at our brother’s house!

  23. Jen H.

    A few years ago, our family sat down to eat Thanksgiving dinner. As my cousin’s husband was carving the turkey, he realized that it was still very undercooked. We didn’t let that get in our way. We stuck the turkey back in the oven and proceeded to stuff ourselves with all of the delicious sides.

  24. Joan Pratt

    The first year in our new/old house I was cooking for the in-laws. The night before when I was cooking pies my old electric oven died. After having a panic attack I remembered seeing an article on how to grill a turkey on a Weber grill. I did just that the next morning and ended up with a smoky, juicy 20 pounder everybody loved!

  25. Lisa Z.

    The only disaster I have had at Thanksgiving involved putting a pie outside to cool and discovering one of our bird dogs sampling what would have been dessert.

  26. Winnie Dolderer

    I didn’t bring my MIL a dinner for thanksgiving at the nursing home as she INSISTED not to that she wanted to eat with the residents. We show up and she asks where her dinner is…I nearly fainted. I ran home and whipped up a dinner like a nutcase…Returned and she was happy. She thought I would “surprise” her…well, the surprise was on me…from then on, I always brought food even when she insisted she didn’t want any.

  27. Pamela

    At a big family gathering, the hostess was taking the nicely roasted turkey out of the oven and the old roasting pan she was using split in two and the large turkey sped across the kitchen floor leaving a trail of grease! With more than a dozen hungry family members waiting, the women in the kitchen carefully rinsed off the turkey, added a little more glaze and served the run-away gobbler!

  28. Aarol Williams

    The first year i was in charge of the turkey i forgot to take it out of the freezer and the next morning i was in tears seeing my mistake b/c the turkey wasnt going to be ready in time… Lesson learned:)

  29. Last year I tried to bake everything in less than 8 hours with only one oven. The dish the squash casserole was in even broke in the oven… In the end, it was all delicious, and we had a fun Thanksgiving ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. Disasters, yes… fun, nope I hate disasters. The first year I made a turkey, it wasn’t quite done and we had to microwave the pieces that were still a little raw! SAD!

  31. Rebecca

    I was making an apple galette when I was younger (around 12 years old), and the recipe called for buttermilk. I didn’t know what that was at the time, so I just added extra butter and some milk. Needless to say, the crust was quite tough…but my family ate through it anyways, telling me how good it tasted!

  32. Amy P

    One year when my mom was hosting Thanksgiving, I decided to help by making the pumpkin pies. I used frozen pie crusts and accidentally forgot to remove the sheet of paper liner that was in between the crusts! When we went to cut into the pie, there was a layer of paper below the pumpkin. Oops! Luckily, we were able to slide it out and reassemble the pie. It didn’t look pretty, but still tasted good!

  33. Kim

    Who hasn’t had a Turkey disaster? I didn’t thaw mine properly and had to go buy a fresh one the morning of Thanksgiving. We ended up having two Thanksgivings; one on Thanksgiving and one a week later, once that crazy frozen turkey finally thawed! We also found out our second refrigerator worked more like a freezer!

  34. Tara

    A couple of years ago my sisters and I were tasked with preparing Thanksgiving dinner because both of my parents had to work the day of Thanksgiving. I attempted a pecan pie for the first time…as a result of not knowing the art of tempering I ended up with scrambled eggs in the hot pie filling! It was embarrassing at the time but my second attempt turned out much better.

  35. Kat Caruth

    The first Thanksgiving after my mother and father got married my mother hosted Thanksgiving at their house and she had NEVER cooked a turkey… So when dinner was ready she pulled the turkey out of the oven and started to cut it and she just started crying hysterically b/c she said there was no breast on the turkey… Then my grandma (her mother in law) turned the turkey over and showed her that there was meat on the turkey she just cooked the bird upside down:) But they did say it was a very moist turkey


  36. Renee

    a few thanksgivings ago our dog pulled our finished turkey off the stove and drug it through the house. we had grilled cheese to go with our thanksgiving day sides.

  37. Kirsten

    Oh, yes…the time we had dinner the DAY before Thanksgiving. Long story short: I took a nap while my parents drove up to visit. My husband and daughter got mixed up and thought they were coming then so we must be having dinner THAT day. They thought they would surprise me by starting dinner without me.. I woke up to the smell of turkey..had a few minutes of bliss until it hit me. WHAT? I jumped up and asked..uh, nicely? WTH was going on. With potatoes boiling, turkey almost done, mom almost here there was nothing else for me to do but run and buy a store bought pie…Sara Lee cheesecake I think..and we had leftovers on Thanksgiving. Makes for a funny story…NOW. ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. Sandra Taylor

    The only disaster I can think of at the moment happened last year. While driving to my daughter’s for the day, I was supposed to be taking care of the pie made by my future daughter-in-law. Before we even got out of the city limits, the unthinkable happened. I’d put Ashleigh’s homemade pie on the seat beside me while I dug in my purse for who knows what. My son braked suddenly, and the pie slid into the floor. I felt terrible, but she was a good sport about it. Fortunately, there was a cover on the pie, and it was saved — albeit topsy turvy! What kind of pie? An adorable Chocolate Mud Pie, complete with gummy worms. The tumble made it more rustic, and of course the flavor was unaffected. I am still embarrassed that I let that happen, and really appreciate Ashleigh’s forgiving me right away. ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. Tiffany

    No disasters for me yet, but I’ve never hosted, just made a few dishes as contribution to the feast. One year my mom mistakenly used salt instead of sugar in the pumpkin pie. Inedible!

  40. No real disasters. Had to make my first pumpkin pie after my mother in law who was hosting the dinner had to rush my young sister in law to the ER resulting in Emergency appendectomy. Turned out pretty good. Also I had to cook the turkey that year.

  41. Carol L

    I can’t recall any real disasters happening. Your recipes above look delicious. And thanks for the opportunity to win a turkey. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  42. I suppose on Thanksgiving my husband and I decided just to go to the chow hall on base. The night before him and his friends decided they wanted us to do Thanksgiving at our house. So, we went out and got a turkey. We tried everything to get it to thaw by morning. I was up most of the night working on getting it to thaw. In the morning it still had ice chunks on it, but I went for it anyways. I put it in the oven and cooked my half frozen turkey. It ended up taking forever, was my first turkey and everyone raved about it. They said it was the juiciest turkey they ever tasted. I was afraid it was juicy from not being fully cooked, thankfully no deaths or sicknesses were reported.

  43. Sheila R.

    The first year I tried my hand at baking a turkey, I used a heavy-duty aluminum pan (the throw-away type). No real problems but couldn’t set the turkey properly, for it kept leaning to one side. I invested in a nice roasting rack and pan set after that. Could be quite an interesting question for the Butterball hotline. “How do you make a turkey heel?” ;o)

  44. Julia

    It was the day of Thanksgiving last year, and our turkey was two hours into cooking. All of a sudden we heard a bang in our oven. We looked and saw that some fuse had exploded. We quickly had to bring the casserole, mashed potatoes, AND turkey over to my stepdad’s parents’ house, and did some serious transportation of food.

  45. Not exactly my disaster, but I was part of it! My older sister wanted to cook thanksgiving dinner for the family. It was her first home, the first time she cooked a turkey. When we arrived at 11 a.m. the turkey was in the oven at 250 degrees, icy to the touch, and holding the giblets in plastic inside. The rest of the family were going to arrive for lunch. I called my mom and asked that she pick up whatever she could from whatever was open for lunch. My sister was trying to cut pieces off the turkey with an electric knife, still insisting that it being a little pink was okay. I set her to work on the potatoes and prepared the turkey, getting it ready for dinner at 6:30 7:00 p.m. My mom arrived with fish and chips which we snacked on for lunch. Happy Thanksgiving?!!!

  46. Our biggest one-time flub was trying to BBQ the turkey on our charcoal barrel grill. It was so hard to regulate the heat & keep it at a consistent temperature. We finally had to take it off & just eat it – the outer parts! The inside was still uncooked after several hours! Yikes!

    Recurrent crapiness – I CANNOT make gravy from scratch! I’ve tried every year & never end up with anything edible.

    Pedey (at) sbcglobal (dot) net

  47. chris finney

    Overslept .. and no time to do anything.. to get dinner ready in time .. .. the family arrived and we all went out to eat .. LOL .. was a blast .. i only regret that there were no leftovers for the next week to munch off of …..

  48. Brenda M.

    My brother-in-law was deep frying a turkey a few years back and it was taking forever…because it was still partially frozen, and one year I realized after baking my turkey that I had forgot to take the neck bones out of the cavity!

  49. AprilM

    One year at my Mom’s house, we lost power and ended up cooking the turkey on their old wood stove. It took 8 hours but turned out to be one of the memorable Thanksgivings we’ve ever had. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  50. Well, my family lives away from the family that celebrates Thanksgiving (the other half is Australian) so my Thanksgiving dinner consists of my mom, dad, sister, me, and there’s never been a Thanksgiving disaster (none that I remeber at least) except for this one time when I was little. Apparently I didn’t understand the concept of Thanksgiving and I thought we were getting a turkey as a pet…. Needless to say, I cried my little heart out when I found out the bird was dead. My parents say it was a sad Thanksgiving and we burried the carcas in the backyard after the meal.

  51. Katie

    I only just started cooking Thanksgiving dinner for my family last year, so no real disasters yet, but we will see…

  52. Tracy

    My husband and I were torn between which family to visit on Thanksgiving! We went and had pie with both and then took a road trip to California!!! No traffic on Thanksgiving day, and great Black Friday shopping the next day! ๐Ÿ™‚

  53. Cheryl Newton

    I can only attribute the fact that I’ve never had a turkey day disaster to the fact that I’ve only ever cooked for our little family of four. (Nope, I’ve never cooked an actual entire turkey. And I’m 45!!!)

  54. Abbie

    I havent yet either BUT this is my first Thanksgiving that I will be cooking. My fiance is working so we wont be able to go home for the holidays this year but I’ll looking forward to having an awesome 1st Thanksgiving dinner ready for him when he gets home!! Well at least I’m going to try ๐Ÿ™‚

  55. A few years ago my oven/range stopped working. Fortunately the warming in the oven part still worked but that was all. It was Thanksgiving and no oven or stove, just the warm part of it. I was thankful I still had my toaster oven and my microwave. I had to save my turkey for Christmas. Then I got the ham out and baked it in the toaster oven, then the sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, rolls by one in my little toaster oven..Then I kept everything warm in the broken oven/range. Finally supper time..Everyone enjoyed it ..and we had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner..I was so Thankful for my little toaster oven<3

  56. Robin B

    No big disasters, our beagle swiped a drumstick off of the table one year, though. I guess she thought no one would notice!

  57. Suzanne

    I can’t remember any disasters. But, then I’ve never been in charge of the entire meal before. Just a side or two. Thanks for the giveaway!

  58. Robin B

    Our beagle managed to get the plate with the turkey drumsticks off of the table as everyone was sitting down to eat. A race ensued to keep her from eating the sharp boned drumstick she had in her mouth.

  59. Heather Spooner

    Most of our disasters involve burnt food. Such as rolls and an overcooked turkey. We scrape off the burnt and make the best of it. Hoping for better luck on the next holiday. Thanks for the giveaway!

  60. My biggest disaster was forgetting to get the ingredients for stuffing. Luckily my mom was able to save the day.
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    Hugs, Wini

  61. MaryAnn WI

    I blame my mom for this one! When I was learning to cook I wanted to make the whole meal for Thanksgiving. My mom gave me advice but one piece didn’t make sense to me. She explained how to safely thaw a turkey, but the directions on the turkey that I bought said “Do not thaw”. I told her that an she insisted that it had to be thawed. I listened to her and thawed it and we couldn’t eat it! Luckily I had a chicken that I cooked instead. We pretended it was turkey!

  62. Only disaster was leaving the bag of giblets in and cooking it along with the turkey…luckily my husband carved the turkey before dinner so he snuck it out before it was seen:)

  63. Amy Linder

    I think the biggest disaster was cooking the bag o’ innards still in the turkey. Luckily, it was a paper bag & not a plastic one! It didn’t ruin the turkey, just embarrassing!

  64. Jenny

    We usually make a vanilla milkshake with eggnog and rum but once we didnt have all the ingredients and instead had some good coctkails ๐Ÿ™‚

  65. Jessica P.

    A few years ago my mom forgot to add sugar to the pumpkin pie.. We were all pretty shocked when we took our first bites! Luckily there are always plenty of other desserts like pecan pie, brownies, and cookies, but it is something we still tease my mom about and get a good laugh from every year!

  66. Roo

    Disaster, no. Mishap, maybe.

    My mom decided to be thrifty and cook the turkey in a disposable foil tray. As she was taking it out of the oven to put in on the counter to “rest”, the pan gave way… dripping turkey grease all over the tile floor. Needless to say, slippage occurred and she was skating across the floor and turkey was flying. Most of the turkey did manage to get up on the counter, but a wing and leg were lost.

    Luckily she didn’t hurt herself either and a trip to the ER was not needed.

    ๐Ÿ™‚ awww.. memories!

  67. Kay B.

    I made a wild rice dish that turned out rather dry and not much flavor, I added chicken and some cream of chicken soup and turned it into a casserole. It was delicious!

  68. Debbie

    Nothing major (yet) only burned the bottom of my rolls last Thanksgiving….that was an easy fix….just cut the bottoms off and we were good to go!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  69. OTA Mom

    My in-laws were two hours late, the other guests became irritable, my MIL dropped my Lenox gravy boat, the kids complained about the food, but then we got in the car and went for a ride together and it was great! ๐Ÿ™‚

  70. Cathy

    My one and only semi disaster was the first year my husband and I hosted thanksgiving. I was making turkey breasts and after already trying out the recipe and it being a success, my pyrex baking dish decides to explode the day of with our family there. It was super scary from what I’m told because it was so loud. Although I was standing right next to it, I thankfully didn’t get hurt (at least not physically, I felt so bad though that dinner was delayed!) I did go on to finish everything up and we had a great time.

  71. Abby

    First Thanksgiving Dinner I cooked the Turkey didn’t thaw and I turned the stove on while the stuffing was sitting on it and burnt the finished stuffing.

  72. I was once helping my mom with the turkey and she was handing it to me to put on the island and we had a bad hand-off and the whole thing just went splat on the floor!! 5 second rule anyone? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  73. Erin

    So far I have been lucky and haven’t had an issues, but I’m sure they will come once we start doing Thanksgiving at our own house!

  74. Lindsay

    I’ve only hosted Thanksgiving twice, and (luckily…knock on wood) we’ve come out unscathed both times! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  75. Linda

    When I was growing up, we always had Thanksgiving at our house, Christmas with my aunt’s family. One Thanksgiving, my mom went “all out” (cooking was not her thing at all) and made a Yule log for dessert. She put it on the back porch to keep it cool until serving time. When she went to get it, all that was left were the pieces of plastic holly that she’d used for decoration. Our hound dog, Blue, had herself a little Turkey Day treat. To this day, that cake gets mentioned ’round the table by those of us old enough to remember….and she never made another one!

  76. It’s not really a disaster, but it felt like one at the time. ๐Ÿ™‚ Our first Thanksgiving after we were married I went and bought my turkey, brought it home and realized that the stuffing had been made and was frozen inside the turkey! I was horrified! I had been looking forward to making my favorite family recipe for stuffing. *sigh* Oh well! ๐Ÿ™‚ This year is the first year I’ve hosted Thanksgiving for both sides of our family. It will be fun!

  77. sweetpumpkin

    It wasn’t exactly a disater, but it was very interesting. One year my friend insisted on making her favorite mashed potatoes. 5lbs for four adults and one toddler! Well after they were strained my friend wanted to mash them in a bowl and use the broth we boiled them in to flavor them. Well 3 mixing bowls later we finally were able to get all of the potatoes mashed! It was a lot of fun and later on we experimented with making Parmesan potato cakes.

  78. debbie

    It wasn’t really cooking, but I had a pretty severe reaction to some antibiotics I took, 4 days before thanksgiving. I had hives even on my eyelids and in my throat. I also had 10 people planned on coming for dinner, all from out of town, and some from out of state. It was too late to cancel, so I cooked dinner anyway. It came out pretty good, but I couldn’t eat any of it.

  79. Cathie Stratton

    only thing I can think of is one year I tried speeding up cooking the turkey because a few relatives had a long drive home after dinner. so we all sit down to eat, turkey is on platter looking delicous, my husband cuts into it and it wasnt fully cooked! there we all sit with an undercooked bird! so the fast thinker that I am–get the turkey fryer, get the oil hot and wha-laa! within 20 mintues we are all sitting down to eat turkey & fixings!

  80. YAY! I’m not hosting Thanksgiving this year but I’m going to make all the traditional thanksgiving foods so that my hubby and I can eat leftovers! The biggest disaster actually happened to my grandmother when I was a child – the turkey had been in the oven for hours and she realized the oven was broken and wasn’t on! She cooked it at the neighbors house but my mom wouldn’t let us eat the turkey or stuffing in fear of food poisoning! Not ideal at all!

  81. Lauren

    I haven’t had any Thanksgiving disasters, but each year my husband and I spend most of the day in the car traveling between our families. That is my favorite part of the day. I love the quiet time we get together on what is typically a crazy day.

  82. Angie

    I’m a classic over-planner. About 7 years ago we had my husband’s entire family out for Thanksgiving (about 35 of us) and I planned every last detail, too much food, too many recipes, asked my SIL to only bring a pie crust, not the filling (weird, I know). Well, 1/3 of the guests got the flu before the big day, so many had small appetites. I had planned to cook pretty much all the food, because most of them traveled from out of state. I was getting sick myself (but fighting it tooth and nail), ended up not making all the food I planned (but bought for). We had a lot of family we didn’t know very well, and they took it like champs, did all the dishes for me, and even gave me a nice gift for hosting. In the end, it worked out fine, but ever since then we have chosen to spend Thanksgiving with our church family, camping in the high desert, and we all bring just a couple items and share. Best turkey days ever!

  83. katie hadfield

    yes last year the Turkey took 2 hrs longer too cook, so we had Thanksgiving without Turkey. The year before that with no dishwasher we clogged the sink..too many dishes, so instead of cleaning up we headed down to the beach! I think this year Im coming over to your place LOL J/K

  84. Tiffany

    I put toooooo much sage in the dressing and we could NOT eat it. Missed it so much. Now I keep a box of stuffing on hand..Live and learn.

  85. MJL

    The first time I brined a turkey and cooked it…..we made the gravy and it was soooooooooo salty, we could not eat it. UGH!! Well, gravy is a very important part of this day….so we opened packages of gravy mix and made that. BUT, not near as good or tasty. I now know to thoughly rinse the turkey after brining!!

  86. Don’t remember a Thanksgiving disaster in recent years and my memory fades on the distant past! Hope you’ll enter me anyways. We’re planning a big family gathering of 18-24 people of all ages. Love your turkey-day food photos!

  87. Lisa

    Nothing yet since I dont normally cook for a lot of people….so I am probably gonna have a disaster this year since I am cooking for 10 people. YIKES (that’s alot for me)

  88. Shay

    I majorly overcooked the stuffing. It was so bad we tossed it out for the birds to eat and it sat there for weeks! They wouldn’t even eat it!

  89. Sue

    I haven’t had any disasters since I’ve never hosted until this year! Since this will be my first I’m sure I’ll have a couple hiccups to write about!

  90. Jennifer

    My worst disaster was corn of all things. I had found a recipe that was a copycat of Green giant’s buttered corn. I had everything else ready and then at the end made the corn. It said to add a little cornstarch to thicken it but when I added it these corn boiled over on the stove and would not thicken. I kept adding more and more until I finally realized I adding baking soda and not cornstarch!!!!!! The corn was disgusting but we all had a great laugh!

  91. Carol

    Last Thanksgiving…turkey farm prepared turkey = dry as a bone! We filled up on sides and then tried again the following Sunday! Easier is not always better…

  92. Kristina

    My first disaster was last year. Tried out a Pumpkin Dump cake. I think that’s what it was called. Anyway, it was undercooked, or the recipe amounts were off, and it was like pumpkin mush. So I mushed it all up and made an ice cream topping out of it. Yum! It was like pumpkin pie ice cream, and the disaster didn’t go to waste. ๐Ÿ™‚

  93. No true disasters, except for the circuit breaker kept getting flipped while trying to use to many appliances cooking dinner, so it kept interrupting all the cooking and baking, and had to leave out some dishes.

  94. Lexi

    No real disasters just a turkey that took longer than anticipated. Like two hours longer…everything was ready except the turkey.

  95. Sarah R

    So Thankful every thanksgiving meal has been disaster free. Last year we even had a tofurkey for our vegan friend and it turned out well.

  96. sheri grennille

    i wanted to make butter the one and only time i hosted my mom for thanksgiving – thought my three year old would love the idea but she didn’t and i ended up shaking by myself for 10 minutes. she did love the butter when we served it with the bread!

  97. Maria

    No disasters for me either; my husband and I usually only do breasts instead of an entire bird, so perhaps thinking small is the reason we’ve been so lucky. ๐Ÿ™‚

  98. Whitney

    Yes! I was going to make these cute tureky sugar cookies with candy corn as the turkey feathers. I didn’t realize until a couple of days before Thanksgiving that candy corn is all sold out by mid-November. So my plan B was to still make cookies and decorate them. The oven in my little apartment burnt half the cookies, and the ones that I could salvage just didn’t look so pretty. They tasted good, but I had this grand idea of brining this heaping plate full of beautiful homemade cookies a la Martha Stewart to the family meal. I still took the cookies but not many got eaten, so I considered this one a fail, but a win because I learned a good lesson!

  99. We once had a turkey that just would not defrost! My mom and I were pulling out ice chunks and chipping the fat/skin off. We ended up eating pretty late that night…but we had plenty of side dishes to fill up on in the meantime!

  100. Susan Din

    The only disaster I can recall happening on Thanksgiving was many, many years ago.
    As a new housewife my disposable aluminum roasting pan sprang a leak…in the oven with the turkey half roasted!
    The juices leaked in the oven and smoke pretty much filled my house!
    I had to shut everything down and wait for things to cool off so i could clean it.
    Needless to say, after the smoke cleared, our meal was really late.
    And we were extremely thankful when we could finally eat!!!!

  101. GinaE

    Grandparents missed their connecting plan one Thanksgiving when I was a kid.
    So needless to say turkey dinner was put on hold and there was a lot of going back and forth to the airport checking on late arrival (it was way before internet options). The turkey was put on very low in the oven and should have been all dried out. Not only was it wonderful and juicy, it probably tasted better after all the extra waiting and having my grandparents finally get there safely. Oh, and the cat ate part of the pumpkin pie. We just scooped that part out and finished the rest of the pie. I’m sure many of you will be grossed out by that.

  102. I made rolls for the first Thanksgiving we celebrated with my husband’s family. They didn’t rise so we had hard little balls of cooked dough…they still tasted halfway decent though!

  103. LauraHelen

    My little sister decided to put ALL the marshmallows on the candied sweet potatoes. The inside of the oven looked like the stay-puff guy blew up in there!! But the house smelled like the perfect combination of turkey and sweet potatoes!! =D

  104. Lisa

    No real disasters. Closest we’ve come is MIL insisting we have Thanksgiving at their place so I didn’t but a single thing. She calls a day or two before Thanksgiving to say they are going out of town. So I had to rush out and get stuff.

  105. The only realy disaster I’ve had is trying to make gravy the way my Grandma makes it. Oh, and I injected a turkey one year to give it more flavor…and I couldn’t taste it.

  106. I never had a disaster that became fun… but I did have a cranberry upside down cake that ended up completely raw in the middle and burned on the outside (still have no clue how that happened). Just made other desserts to make up for it ๐Ÿ™‚

  107. Oh, I remember one really BAD one…I was probably about 17 years old — that will be my excuse!! — I decided to make a pumpkin pie out of a real pumpkin instead of using canned puree and was following a recipe out of an old natural foods cookbook. I remember being pretty distracted by dealing with the pumpkin while making the pie. I took the pie over to my then boyfriend’s house as my contribution to the dinner. I was so proud of myself…and then my boyfriend’s father took the first bite out of his piece and made a funny face…it turned out I had forgotten to put in the milk in the pie filling. It was yucko!

  108. I have managed to forget about the yams in the broiler “toasting” the marshmallows for several years in a row. Yes they burn and we do it again… after the laughing subsides. It has happened so often the kids think it is a tradition!

  109. Teri Dingler

    The main disaster I have had so far is my dressing did not turn out at all! We just didn’t eat it! But the rest of the meal was great!

  110. Morgan

    Last year we tried to fry a turkey for the first time…well we fried it a little too long! It was black and crispy! Good thing we had about 3 times too many desserts to fill up on!

  111. Lanna

    My mom dropped the pan of cornbread dressing upside down on the floor when taking it out of the oven. We just put it right back in the pan and served!!

  112. Patricia Irizarry

    A couple years ago, I had all my family and some friends over for thanksgiving dinner. For some estrange reason when I took the turkey out it was not ready:(( my guests were starving, so we had the longest blessing of the food, I served the salad firs with yummy rolls, and I made sure everyone was talking lots, that gave my turkey more time in the oven.
    When I took it out it was perfect and nobody notice that I was running late with the turkey, and we all had a lovely time

  113. Amanda Auwen

    Yeah, I once had the idea that I would make an entire turkey and share it with the family and it would be so delicious that nobody would be able to stop eating it and then they would ask me for the recipe and love me forever and ever and ever and… I neved made turkey.

  114. Jennifer G.

    Thank goodness we haven’t had any major disasters. Guess I should “knock on wood” for luck huh??? ๐Ÿ™‚

  115. Melissa

    each year dad decides to do something different to the cornbread dressing so then we can’t figure out what true way to make it is. ๐Ÿ™‚

  116. karynn

    I feel lucky enough to say that so far I have not had any Thanksgiving disasters, but I am sure it is only a matter of time!

  117. Tina

    I have not had any disasters yet, but I hopefully have many Thanksgiving dinners ahead of me, and there might be a disaster at some point down the road!

  118. Renee

    I was having all of my husbands family (33) for dinner. Mistake 1 huge turkey, it just wouldn’t get done. Lesson learned cook 3 or 4 smaller birds, faster, more juicy and tender and lots more turkey legs.


  119. Courtney

    I personally haven’t had too many disasters. However, when my best friend called me after cooking her first thanksgiving once she got married, it was a disaster. She didn’t know to take out the giblets, and neck from inside the turkey so she stuffed the turkey with dressing and roasted it. Then realized about an hour into cooking what she had done. She called in a panic and asked me what to do. We laughed a bit and I told her to continue cooking it, unstuff the turkey and dispose of the giblets and neck bone. Nobody knew except us and we still laugh to this day about it

  120. I have yet to host a Thanksgiving! I am really looking forward to it when it is my turn, but for now we split the holiday between the parents and in-laws. ๐Ÿ™‚

  121. sophia

    I had a disaster… the power went out while I was baking my turkey in my electric stove. Luckily I lived close to my parents home and they had a gas stove! Problem solved…

  122. Jen

    i had a banana bread. I divided the recipe in to 2 mini loaf pans. They got to big for the pan there was banan bread dripping down the sides of the pans.

  123. Kelly Burke

    My oven quit working halfnway through cooking the Turkey so I pulled out my electric pressure cooker, cut up the bird into sections & threw in and voile we ended up having shredded turkey! It ended up being different but none the less still very tasty! It’s all about being able to quickly adapt and not stressing when things don’t always go as planned. Spending time with my loved ones was the best part of the day!!

  124. I’ve had more Thanksgiving “blunders” than I care to discuss, but the one that turned out WONDERFULLY was the year that I made a pumpkin spice cake that had been layered with cranberry preserves and topped with maple cream cheese frosting. It slid right off of the cake plate and onto the kitchen counter as I was putting finishing touches on it, so I took the smushed up cake and made a trifle out of it! Nobody knew that I had made a cake, so they were none the wiser! ๐Ÿ™‚

  125. Melanie

    No real disasters, just the stress of getting everything on the table, hot, at the same time. I have a timeline that I follow every year, and look out if you get in my way!

  126. Richelle

    I have never hosted Thanksgiving and made the turkey but this is my first year and all of the scenarios have played through my mind!

  127. Linda

    I’ve been cooking Thanksgiving dinner for 38 years and can’t think of any incidents I’d call disasters. Several times dinner has been later than planned because a recipe took more time to prepare or dishes were waiting to go in the oven, but hungry family members have always been very forgiving!

  128. โ€œHave you had any Thanksgiving Disasters that youโ€™ve turned into something fun?โ€ One year I had put our turkey in a garage fridge to dethaw but the fridge knob inside got turned to high and ended up with a VERY FROZEN turkey. I ended up getting a turkey from a neighbor who just happened to have an extra…so we ended up having turkey day together with our neighbor…and the frozen turkey ended up in a match of “Frozen Turkey Street Hockey”…it was sooo silly but what a memory!

  129. Sarah

    We’ve one pretty decent disaster with our family and Thanksgiving. My cousin had just moved into a new house and we nominated her to have dinner at her place. She got a pretty big turkey seeing there was close to 15 of us coming over. No one filled her in on the fact that the cooking time for a turkey varies by the size. We all got there for dinner around 4pm, and well needless to say the turkey was not done yet. She put it in at noon thinking it would be done by 4. Good thing everyone brought side dishes and deserts because that is what our Thanksgiving turned into. That turkey wasn’t even fully cooked until almost 9pm that night.

  130. Since so far I’ve only been a guest and not hosted a Thanksgiving the pressure is usually not on me! I have had some homemade pie crust failures and ended up recovering with a store bought pie crust – I just try not to get too stressed out about these things!

  131. Melissa Moore

    My first attempt ever at cooking a turkey (I was 14), I accidentally roasted it upside down. My mother was horrified, but to this day we all say it was the best turkey we’ve ever had. Makes me think I should do it on purpose this year!

  132. Laurie

    Well one time I made cornbread dressing (or stuffing) in the crockpot. I follow directions on how long to cook it, lets just say it didn’t get done all the way. I had to take out of crockpot and put in the oven and dinner was late! I will ‘like’ you on Facebook too! Great giveaway!

  133. I dropped the pumpkin pies one year (two of them). Fortunately they landed right side up, but they still ended up crumpled and broken. I tossed them in a pretty trifle bowl, layered them with some whipped cream, and they tasted fantastic. No one was the wiser, except my husband who was helping me de-thaw some cool whip tubs!

  134. Ellen

    I was in charge of making the rolls, and I made these fantastic rolls….or so I thought. Apparently they weren’t cooked all the way through! So we just ate the outsides of them. Now I know for next time to cook them a bit longer so we won’t be eating dough-balls!

    Life is good ๐Ÿ™‚

  135. Kristi C.

    Haven’t had any Thanksgiving disasters left but this will be the first year my grandma isnt here with us and doing the majority of the cooking so it might get interesting.

  136. Sheila

    Our Thanksgiving Disasters happen when my In-laws & kids came up for the day. Our weather was very cold & windy, so I planned on us eating early so everyone could make it home in case we had a storm.Well dinner was almost done cooking when a Big snow storm started .(Our home is all electric)The electric went out & I still had to make the veggies & rolls.So I asked my husband to start the bbq.Everything turned out great & in-laws made it home safe.

  137. Tricia Folsom

    I probably haven’t cooked enough Thanksgiving dinners to have a big disaster yet. But my rolls are always hit or miss so I have decided to just give up and use frozen rolls. Saves time and they are always yummy.

  138. Andrea

    My very first Thanksgiving turkey I discovered, after roasting it, that I had put the turkey upside down in the roasting pan. Years later – roasting a turkey upside down was said to make the turkey more juicy. If only I had known I discovered a cooking secret ๐Ÿ˜‰ My mom did say it was the best turkey she ever had.

  139. As a Canadian reader I’m hoping we are eligible for this giveaway? Anyway my turkey disaster story was when I had my Mother-in-law coming for dinner as a GUEST. However, she then proceeded to take over my kitchen with my sister-in-law. At one point I became rather irate and tried to grab something off the stove but my MIL jumped in my way and instead I managed to burn my arm rather badly. At that point I had had enough and decided that if my MIL and SIL wanted to take over so badly then they could finish the meal! I went and sat down and had a stiff drink – to sooth my burn, of course. I still have a scar on my forearm from that day but I’ve learned to just not try to cook for my in-laws.

  140. Vicki

    I have never really cooked a big meal. the first time i did, i prepared everything the night before. what i didn’t take into account was i needed to added time to cook because everything was cold out of the fridge. well we all made our plates and microwaved them to heat them up. thank goodness it was all close family.

  141. Melissa

    Thankfully, I haven’t had any real disasters. It does seem to take a lot longer to cook the turkey though than I usually plan for. That just means we usually are much later eating than expected, but oh well. Gobble Gobble!

  142. My brother and I as teens decided we wanted to contribute a side dish to Thanksgiving. We decided on boxed mashed potatoes. Well, we mixed up the measurements and added waaay too much milk, making it like a potato soup. So we had turkey, dressing and potato soup that year!

  143. Emily Virkler

    I have never hosted Thanksgiving. It is something my mom always does. She one year tried to make homemade cranberry sauce and burned it, but we poured it over some snow and it make for some really pretty pictures!

  144. Ncnike7

    One year my mom and I made 12 pumpkin pies for a big family Thanksgiving feast. After hours of work my little brother accidentally dropped a football in one! Luckily it was just one pie ruined, but we still haven’t let him live it down!

  145. No disasters that I can think of, but it seems like there were many dinners when I was growing up where halfway through dinner, my mom would realize she had forgotten to set out a certain dish she had made ahead. That was always fun.

  146. Sue

    Slight accident while frying a turkey, did get a partial new deck out of it.
    But have great respect now for hot oil and chilled turkey!!!!!

  147. monica

    The most common mistake that I did the first time I made a turkey was to leave the bag in the neck, didn’t find it until we were carving the turkey. Haven’t made that mistake again.
    The 2nd worst incident was in our first house, first Thanksgiving to host and our sink clogged up before the guests arrived and we were unable to use the kitchen sink for anything. We were very creative in washing dishes in the tub until we could tear apart the sink to fix it.

  148. Brandi Briseno

    A couple of years ago our turkey we thought our turkey was done, so we carved it and it was still pink. Instead of putting back in the oven we stuck it in the microwave to cook!! We still laugh about our Microwaved turkey dinner.

  149. Susan

    No – nothing really bad has ever happened. My mom is a fantastic cook and taught me well….although my sister told me she is baking the stuffing in a pumpkin….that should be interesting…..and my nephew insists that I served a tofurkey one year…I totally have NEVER done that….it has now gained urban legend status

  150. Well, since I drink soy milk I thought it would be ok to use it in the mashed potatoes last year, but I forgot that I had vanilla soymilk… its a running joke with the fam!

  151. Tara

    I love your recipes & blog!

    My mother hosted all of her kids & their families last year. Since we were all staying from out of town she was so consumed with getting the guest rooms ready, baby proofing the house, etc. that she forgot to start the oven. We arrived in the mid-afternoon & someone mentioned within the hour that they didn’t smell the turkey! I felt so bad for her b/c she worked so hard to try & make everything perfect & forgot to start the oven. There was plenty of food/apps to hold everyone over & we had a LATE Thanksgiving dinner. These times are the best memories to look back on and laugh at. Happy Holidays to you all!

  152. Margaret

    My first Thanksgiving in college was a disaster! I cooked a turkey for the first time and left everything in the turkey–the neck, gizzards, everything! It was disgusting to find it AFTER the poor turkey was baked!

  153. Lisa

    My first turkey was one of the ones with the pop up timer. When I thought it should be done, I couldn’t find the pop up thingy. We pulled it out anyway and put it on a platter, what I had done was cook it upside down, with the breast in the juices. Turned out great – we had the most tender, juicy breasts ever!

  154. I burned the top of the turkey, while broiling it in the last 4 minutes. ๐Ÿ™‚ It was my first time making turkey. My hubby said it will make us remember it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  155. First Thanksgiving with the in-laws in town – I tried to make home made rolls – I put them in the warmest room in the house to rise and then forgot about them. They rose all right – all over my daughter’s dresser… Mom-in-law ran to Bashas and got some brown and serve rolls – not the best but it did the trick.

  156. Amy Martin

    The first Thanksgiving I had at my house I put postato peels down the garbage disposal… didnt know that I wasnt supposed to due that. Well needless to say we had a sink full of water and potato peels that wouldnt drain and my turkey was so juicy that it overflowed the cooking pan and started smoking and then the fire alarms in the house went off and that is when guests started to arrive. Oh well we managed to laugh it off and have a great Thanksgiving anyways.

  157. Rachael F

    We haven’t had any disasters for a long time, (knock on wood)My Sister in law didn’t thaw the Turkey all the way two years ago, which we had to delay eating for another hour, but we played boggle while we waited.

  158. Jennifer C

    One year when the Atkins diet was all the rage my Aunt and Uncle did not make mashed potatoes for our Thanksgiving meal. Boy did they hear about and keep hearing about it every year. Those potatoes are now on the table every year!

  159. Char

    I haven’t really had any recipe failures, just constant changes in when and who. Not sure what is going on for Thanksgiving this year. Empty nesting has it’s benefits and downfalls.

  160. erin

    Lucky for us, no disasters to date! We were sure last year was going to be it when we attempted to deep fry a turkey but much to our amazement we were successful!

  161. Gina

    Done the bag left in the turkey, chinese buffet on T-day complete with food poisoning, and lots of lumpy gravy. No true disasters, but all small mishaps are fun stories…

  162. I’ve been privileged not to have any disasters, but my sister-in-law had one. Her oven quit working last year the day before Thanksgiving, and she was supposed to host for three friends. They ended up going out to eat and seeing a movie,and she swears she’s doing the same thing this year.

  163. Two years ago I was in the hospital and got out just a couple days before Thanksgiving. I was still pretty much on bed rest so there was not going to be the big traditional Thanksgiving. Our friends heard about our Thanksgiving and put together a wonderful dinner for us and dropped it off. I felt so blessed.

  164. Samantha Barber

    Our family always whips up heavy whipping cream to top the thanksgiving pies, my mom happened to use pickling salt instead of sugar to sweeten the cream a couple years ago. (My grandma had simular tupperware containers for each.) Needless to say we all were a bit surprised when we dug into dessert! YUCK!

  165. Nicole

    The Thanksgiving my daughter was born we had 20 people over to our tiny condo. The turkey weighed more than she did. I spent the entire time crying because my parents couldn’t be there. And it was the day I started drinking again after pregnancy/nursing. I’m an awesome hostess. And by awesome, I mean that I’ve been banned from hosting Thanksgiving again.

  166. Sarah F

    I invited 25 people over for my first turkey dinner. I was hoping not everyone could make it… just incase it did not turn out. Everyone came, the house was full and it was the best turkey everyone had ever had! It was AWESOME!

  167. Robin Schick

    Almost set the house on fire while cooking the Turkey at 500 degrees, but after the first hour,(to crisp up the skin) then I turned it down and we were fine.
    The best turkey ever, brined.

  168. Last year was my first Thanksgiving ever! I’d always gone to family’s houses for the holiday. Last year my boyfriend and I decided to host our first holiday dinner and invite our friends who had no where to go. We had 7 people total and everyone brought a dish. The turkey was a little iffy at first. We checked it half way through and the temp said it was cooked but it didn’t LOOK cooked. That was almost a disaster. But we cooked it longer and everything was delicious!

  169. Megan M.

    The first year I hosted Thanksgiving dinner with my new in laws, I put the pumpkin pie in the oven without the tin pie holder that comes with it. Needless to say, when I went to check on the pie a half hour later, it was a soupy mess on the cookie sheet I had place it on. My sweet mother in law scoop it back into the pie pan and we ate the pie in a heaping mess. Every year we continue to laugh whenever it’s time for me to put the pie in the oven.

  170. Denise P.

    I had the turkey on the counter to warm up a bit before cooking. When no one was around the dog took it! I found him and it in the family room. I washed it and cooked it and never told anybody. (We all lived)

  171. ColleenMarie82

    No real disasters my husband fried a turkey one year, just for our house and lets just say it was not my favorite.

  172. For our second married Thanksgiving, we were supposed to host, but I was pregnant and was put on bedrest for the long weekend. So, everyone pitched in while I sat on the couch and watched. It was kind of the best way to do it, actually!

  173. KJ

    I’ve only hosted ONE family Thanksgiving so far, and everything ran smoothly. But this year marks attempt #2, so we’ll see!

  174. Jenette Marie

    2 years ago my hubby and I got together with some friends to smoke a turkey. We were all new to turkey smoking, but were determined to try a new method and have a thanksgiving party with friends. Whoever did the cooking time calculations was WAY off and we didn’t eat until almost midnight. Luckily we were with friends and still had a great time… even if we ate ALL the side dishes before the turkey was done. ๐Ÿ™‚

  175. Alyssa

    My only disaster is the burn mark that I still have on my wrist from accidentally letting the immersion blender out of the soup before turning it off. The hot soup burned my skin! Two years later I’m still rocking that scar. Needless to say I haven’t forgotten to turn the blender off since.

  176. Amber

    Well it wasn’t really a disaster, but it sure made me feel bad….does that count? LOL
    For fun, and with Mom’s prior approval, my husband and I brought a small turkey to deep fry to the family Thanksgiving dinner. No one had every had one and we all wanted to try it since it was the new fad at the time. Please note that my mom makes absolutely MARVELOUS turkey!! Well, the deep fried turkey turned out so good that everyone wanted the deep friend and left Mom’s beautiful turkey untouched. I felt so bad to take away from Mom’s turkey!! To this day, I just bring a dessert and life is much simpler!

  177. Larissa

    I had a disaster that certain people won’t let me live down. My mom had let me borrow her big roaster as she had done every year. I got up early put the turkey in it. Turned it on and went about cooking. I baked pies made all the sides and once my parents arrived my mom made a comment I can’t smell the turkey. I said it has been on since like 5 am it should be about ready. My husband opened the lid, which I had checked on once, and the turkey was room temp and raw. Yes the roaster decided to quit on my that year. We live in the country so there were no stores open. But a friend saved the day with a brisket.. It was a sad day…

  178. Szkent

    One year we were celebrating at my sister’s new townhouse. She clearly had never used the oven before and we could not get that sucker hot enough to cook the turkey thoroughly. Our Thanksgiving LUNCH turned into Thanksgiving Dinner. We just drank A LOT and had Dominos until the turkey was ready.

  179. Debbie

    No real disasters other than the turkey taking way longer than expected and dinner not being served when everything else was ready to go.

  180. Erin

    My green bean casserole turned out soupy one year and it was not a creamy soup, it was a watery soup. LOL I still have no idea what I did wrong, but thankfully I have not had the same problem again. Thank you for the giveaway!

  181. cara

    I did have a turkey mishap. I was making an early thanksgiving for friends and forgot to start defrosting the turkey early. My turkey had many many baths trying to speed up the defrosting. Believe it or not the turkey actually turned out fine, but I had a huge water bill from all the turkey bathing that took place.

  182. Michele C

    After 20 yrs of doing Thanksgiving dinner, I am lucky to say no disasters yet. Who knows this might be the year something DOES go wrong…

  183. Connie Pruitt

    My very first Thanksgiving dinner I left the neck and giblets inside the bird. Didn’t even know what that was and suprised when it was carved. I think alot of people have done that.

  184. Heather

    My first attempt at cornbread dressing resulted in a big pan of dried out brick-like mess! My family tried to eat it to help me feel better, but later a friend came to dinner and said “Oooh weee, this dressing is WAY too dry”… all I could do was SHAKE MY HEAD and laugh out loud (crying on the inside).

  185. Kat C

    Biggest thanksgiving disaster was my mom breaking her leg right before thanksgiving so I ended up having to cook the whole meal myself with her guidence of course…luckily things turned out great and I showed her a couple of tricks along the way.

  186. Kat C

    Of course I like you on Facebook! And stuffed cookies are the new fav in our house, even being requested to make the smore stuffed cookies for thanksgiving!

  187. Michelle

    I tried to make chicken and dressing in my crockpot and it cooks way too hot. I turned out like wallpaper paste.

  188. When I was in my 20’s my friends and I thought we’d be cool and buy that Thanksgiving dinner from the grocery store. Supposedly already everything is all premade and ready to go….no so much! We spent about 3 hours heating everything up. Could have cooked it in that time! So we all ended up going out to a local restaurcant for food! Lesson learned…homemade is best!

  189. Monica H.

    No disasters yet, but I did drop my phone in Turkey drippings 2 years ago…my husband has not let me forget that ๐Ÿ™‚

  190. Suzette

    our family of 35 finally all got together for Thanksgiving. We had 3 turkeys going and 1/2 when we checked the turkeys realized that the oven wasn’t working. So no turkey was happening. So we ran to the store only could find cornish gain hens grabbed a bunch and dutch oven cooked them. They turned out really yummy and with all the sides everyone left fat and happy.

  191. Not exactly a disaster, but my husband dislikes turkey and pretty much every other iconic thanksgiving food, so we started a new tradition of adding a pizza to the spread.

  192. Meghan

    Actually, I can’t think of any thanksgiving disasters, but then again we always go to a family members house for dinner. I’m sure I will be witness to my own dinner disasters in the future!

  193. Kathy

    the only disaster, if you want to call it that, was food not ready when the guests thought it should be !!! You know, sometimes things take alittle longer than you think !!! ha ha

  194. There is always little disasters here and there in my house. Nothing inedible and always things we still laugh about till this day! Thanksgiving is the best no matter what the turkey ends up tasting like!

  195. Allison Johnson

    One year for Thanksgiving dinner I was making a pumpkin cheesecake and without my knowing, it overflowed the springform pan in the oven, enough so that it caught on fire inside the oven. The house was filled with horrible smelling smoke and the cheesecake was tossed… no one really wanted a smoked dessert ๐Ÿ™‚

  196. Emily Johnston

    Last year as I was transfering the turkey to plate it, it broke in half!! (good sign of a tender bird!) I was so sad it didn’t look beautiful, but my family ate it all the same

  197. Sabrina

    Well I burnt the stuffing 1 year. Just completely forgot it. It was black and crispy. We all had a good laugh over it and it was a great holiday anyway.

  198. Stephanie Long

    Thankfully there haven’t been any disasters in our family yet but one year my Mom did manage to cut herself with a knife the night before!

  199. Janice

    First time deep frying a turkey I was concerned that it was looking pretty dark on the outside. Got it in the house, and the inside was still raw!

  200. Judy

    I forgot one year to put the stuffing on the table – never missed it til we were cleaning up. It was delicious the next day with the leftovers!

  201. Erin B.

    One Thanksgiving my parents were suppose to come up to my brothers house to celebrate. My Dad is usually the Thanksgiving cook..he makes everything. Well the day before they were suppose to come he got the stomach flu and had to stay home! We all went into panic mode because nobody makes dressing like my Dad! So my brother calls my Dad on Thanksgiving morning to get the low down on how to make the stuffing. My mom took over the Turkey making and I baked and baked. The dressing turned out ok…for my brother’s first time making it it was pretty good actually. Of course nobody makes Dressing like my Dad’s…must be the pound of butter he puts in it becuase my brother said he just couldn’t bring himself to put that much in…LOL!!!

  202. Ann Self

    The year I tinkered with the menu to make it “healthier” I added a roasted root vegetable dish to the spread. My son described it as “roots, shoots and leaves.”

  203. sandra

    My only disaster was that I didnt consider how many things I would need to use my oven for and didn’t have enough room to get everything cooked! I was very late getting dinner done!

  204. Hilary

    Thankfully, I have a mom who insists on cooking the turkeys for our family – so I get the pleasure of just handling dessert! No disasters just yet, but maybe I should try some new recipes this year and see if I can’t make a disaster happen! ๐Ÿ™‚

  205. Peggy

    The only “disaster” could be a dry turkey (yuck), so this year we are going to try brining! I can’t wait. My brother brined one last year and it was the yummiest thing that I have eaten in a long time!!

  206. Sheena Mahrle

    I brought a dish to pass – and it was TERRIBLE! It became the joke of the evening, but it turned into fun because I got a lot of good cooking tips from my grandmother ๐Ÿ™‚ A great bonding experience!

  207. One year we had a turkey disaster where the turkey was frozen all the way through. Luckily we were able to get a pre-cooked turkey from a local deli and every year since we’ve had Turkey day catered ๐Ÿ™‚

  208. Audra

    One year, the oven broke and we had no idea until 2 hours into the turkey “cooking” thankfully, Marie Calendars was open!

  209. Karin