Thanksgiving Round-Up and Butterball Turkey Giveaway! 10 Winners!

Thanksgiving is one of the best Holidays of the year isn’t it? Talk about the best food ever!! Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, rolls, green bean casserole….the list goes on and on. I am drooling even thinking about it!

The nice folks from Butterball are offering 10 lucky Picky Palate readers a free Thanksgiving Turkey (in the form of a $15 Coupon). How fun is that? See bottom of post to enter.

If there are a few things I’ve learned over the years it has been the following things:

1. Test out the recipes you are preparing for Thanksgiving in ADVANCE! No need for any added stress if a recipe doesn’t turn out how you expected ๐Ÿ™‚

2. Have family help bring food to dinner. The host absolutely should not have to prepare the entire meal him/herself.

3. Prepare what you can the night before to save yourself some time in the kitchen. I try to do all of my desserts the night before ๐Ÿ™‚

4. Have a clean up party with your guests! Don’t be left with a gigantic mess all by your lonesome ๐Ÿ™‚

5. Most importantly enjoy every moment!

Here are some of my favorite Picky Palate Thanksgiving Recipes tried and true! Hope y’all enjoy!

The Best Stuffing Ever! Sourdough Cornbread and Sausage Stuffing

Cheesy Bacon Green Bean Casserole Pot Pie


Simple Butter Herb Thanksgiving Turkey (scroll down to 2nd recipe)

Cinnamon Roll Pumpkin Vanilla Sheet Cake

Remember that the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line lady is also available to answer your Thanksgiving meal questions, share ways to save or to gobble up any turkey-day cooking myths. Their number is 1-800-BUTTERBALL.

Here’s How To Enter to win one of 10 Free Turkeys:

1. Tell us in a comment…..“Have you had any Thanksgiving Disasters that you’ve turned into something fun?”  Let’s hear those Turkey Day stories!

2. For extra entries, Follow Picky Palate on Twitter, RSS Feed and Like us on Facebook. Leave 3 separate comments for this.

3. Contest ends Friday November 11, 8am PST, Winners chosen by and will be notified by email. Coupons provided by Butterball.

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949 Responses
  1. Thankfully I haven’t had any disasters yet…I’m sure it’ll happen eventually!

    I’m cooking 3 turkey’s this year {so far, that I know of} for different functions. I could really use this coupon!!!

  2. amy marantino

    we had a smat of food poisoning one year. the older folks ended up in the hospital. the younger/caretaker folks made the best of it in the ER waiting room. I sure hope we dont see this disaster again.

  3. Laura

    I haven’t had a disaster yet, but my mother-in-law did have a turkey disaster many years ago and it’s still talked about. She cooked the turkey with the giblets still in the plastic bag in the cavity…the poor bird was totally inedible so it was a pizza Thanksgiving that year!

  4. โ€œHave you had any Thanksgiving Disasters that youโ€™ve turned into something fun?โ€ = The first year my husband and i were together we assumed that restaurants in the very small town we were living in would be open. Wrong. We ended up getting sandwiches from a gas station called the Scotchman. Like 7-11 but worse. We laugh about it to this day.

    1. That happened to us too one year on Christmas day! So funny. We are actually in a big town, and still couldn’t find anything open anywhere. We drove around and around, but no luck!

  5. Kelly

    Coping with the loss of power was one near disaster (and actually that may have been Christmas rather than Thanksgiving). It is so memorable because my grandmother has a wood stove – so we just moved forward cooking with that hot stove!

  6. I haven’t done Thanksgiving myself yet to have any disasters, but I did make your stuffing last year and it was fabulous! When I was young my mom’s cousin peeled the potatoes the night before but didn’t put them in water, so we had grey mashed potatoes the next day… technically not that “fun,” but we still laugh about it so “funny” at least?

  7. Sarah H.P.

    We haven’t really had any major turkey disasters in our house! Thank goodness! I think the biggest problem we’ve encountered has been dry turkey, but you just add an extra helping of gravy for moisture and it comes out just fine!

  8. Laura

    A couple bad incidents – one time I spilled the corn all over the table…so no corn that Thanksgiving ๐Ÿ™‚ One year my mom did pour hot turkey grease on her straight from the oven – that did not turn out well but I remember we did end up enjoying the turkey later after we got mom fixed up!

  9. Marianne

    I’ve had 2 disasters, one was in Colorado, was frying the turkey for out meal, long story short, altitude and temps make a major difference when deep frying a turkey! 2nd again with the fried turkey, I had let friends borrow the fryer and pot didn’t realize they had not cleaned the inside of the pot, filled the pot with the oil and immediately noticed spots on the ground, long story short, there were tiny holes all in the bottom of the pot that I didn’t see when I cleaned it. Luckily friends had just finished frying their bird and came to our rescue! This year brand new fryer and 2 birds being prepared, one fried, one roasted!!!!

  10. maddie cote

    not really any disasters, but i did buy a turkey once thinking it was the whole thing, and when i pulled it out it was missing its legs and wings.

  11. The only disaster I have had was making choc chip pecan pie. I try to make it in advance & put it back in the oven to heat up the next day. Let’s just say it was a choc mess from the too many choc chips I put it. Everyone laughed about it & my crazy family members ate it all up.

  12. Crystal Hall

    The first year I cooked a turkey, I left the bag of giblets inside the turkey and didn’t find it til midways through the cooking process. I finished cooking them on the stovetop and made giblet gravy. Shhh!!!

  13. Karen S.

    My worst Thanksgiving was when I tried to do a smoked turkey on our outdoor grill. It was so cold the coals wouldn’t light. I was so upset I cried! DH felt sorry for me and so he made Thanksgiving dinner for me.

  14. Mary Elizabeth

    My only disaster is being uncomfortably full after eating too much for lunch and then again for dinner. All of the food is always so delicious that I don’t know when to stop myself. It’s one of the few times during the year that I really indulge!

  15. Gabe

    I was in charge of making a few side dishes one year and forgot to make the stuffing. Luckily there was some left in the frozen section at the local grocery store.

  16. Gail Reed

    I made a carrot cake (in the morning of turkey day). Not only did it start to fall apart because I rushed taking it out of the cake pans, but I didn’t have time to let it cool completely before putting on the cream cheese frosting-which ran very nicely thank you. But we ate all of it and it was so good no one cared what it looked like. Needless to say, I get my baking done in the days before Thanksgiving now.

  17. Eva Parsons

    No mishaps here that I can remember. I do recall a certain group of men almost setting the deck on fire the first year we decided to fry a turkey. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Erin F.

    Two years ago the turkey ended up on the floor – not so fun. The platter it was being served onto was bumped by another dish and it came crashing down. Luckily we were able to still get more off the actual turkey and all was saved, except for my platter and the floor that had a new gash in it…

  19. Alex

    One year, my dad had gotten a new charcoal webber kettle grill and really wanted to test out the Thanksgiving turkey on the grill. Well, I live in New Hampshire where the weather can be semi-unpredictable. We hadn’t woken up early to throw the turkey in the oven per usual but when we did wake up there was at least 8 inches of snow on the ground. We all put our boots on and grilled the turkey anyhow! It was a lot of fun with all the snow but definitely unexpected!

  20. Sean

    We invited the entire family over. For a couple of weeks everyone changed the time, location, etc. The Conn’s thought we were all meeting at my mother’s house. One by one, we all get there and voila no TURKEY!!!! My mom was under the impression that we were all bringing one dish. Basically, she had bread rolls galore. That Thanksgiving we ended up eating none other than PASTA because pretty much that was the only thing we had enough to go around. We did give thanks to the pasta gods ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Kalyn

    Once, the gravy exploded and burned me and got all over the kitchen. But, once I was cleaned up and cooled off, we just started over and laughed at it.

  22. Nicole

    Every single year, my mom almost ALWAYS forgets to cook the rolls. One year she even lost them!!! Thanks for the giveaway ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Alina

    My gosh….my sister’s “SURPRISE” pie. She’s always been known to rebel against following recipes. Oh this might taste good in there, a pinch of that as well………and on and on. Every time she’ll come up with some new ingredient to add and never measure. Everyone knows that when you BAKE you MEASURE!!!!! Well, we ended up giving the surprise pie to some nosey neighbors ๐Ÿ™‚ and just had ice cream that year.

  24. Anne

    My 1st Thanksgiving as a newlywed and with no previous experience in cooking a turkey, I just plopped the defrosted bird on a roasting pan (gizzards still neatly packaged in the cavity), added a little seasoning and let it bake for the recommended time. Dry outside and definitely UNappealing on the inside. Since then I’ve come a long way and my family now looks forward to my Thanksgiving turkey.

  25. actually i haven’t had any thanksgiving day disasters. we are away from family and have to travel some distance to be with loved ones on the holiday so we are usually exempt from bringing food. sorry, no great stories here! boring! thanks for the chance to win! best, j

  26. Kari

    OH!!! This isnt a cooking disaster, but I just remembered that as everyone was showing up to eat a couple years back… My daughter took an entire tub of vaseline and wiped it ALL over herself and the kitchen and I had to scrub her and the kitchen down in a jiffy before everyone got there. ha! Totally forgot about that until just now.

  27. Two years ago we were supposed to have two families over. My da had bought a turkey and “won” one in a golf tournament. The morning of thanksgiving, both families bailed since they all came down with the flu and both turkeys were already in the oven. Let’s just say between 4 people, two turkeys lasted more than two months.

  28. Valerie

    Fortunately, I have not had any T-giving Day disasters! The worst was when I didn’t watch the marshmallows on the sweet potato casserole close enough when I put them in the oven to broil. Still, burnt marshmallows are better than none!

  29. santiago cardona

    One time we somehow managed to burn the turkey. So we had all the sides and our centerpiece was a large cheese pizza. Most memorable Thanksgiving ever.

  30. Lisa

    I’ve never had a Thanksgiving Disaster, but I’ve never been in charge of cooking the bird. I’m normally in charge of making a pie or two and I can handle that.

  31. Emily Wilson

    I haven’t had any Thanksgiving day disasters because I have never hosted Thanksgiving, but this year I am. We have just build a new home and my whole family will be coming to our house for Turkey day!

  32. Laina Wolf

    I have yet to prepare a Thanksgiving by myself, so no real disasters yet, there is always a fight over who does the dishes though (usually with the boys)

  33. Christiana

    Last year we had Thanksgiving at my parents and their oven wasn’t working so my mom cooked the turkey in the pressure cooker and the men of the family took the (cooked)ham outside with a blow torch and had so much fun carmelizing the outside. I brought the baked pies already baked. My SIL brought the sweet potatoes. It all worked out great and pressure-cooked turkey will always be on my menu. It was delicious. It brought us closer together as a family and is one of my favorite thanksgivings. ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. Lindsay

    No real Thanksgiving food disasters at my house..there have been some family melt downs trying to get it all ready on time though! That is a challenge every year. We are getting better and better though!

  35. Laura

    Well the only “disaster” I’ve had is the the turkey took 2 hours longer than I thought it would but we just had to wait nothing was ruined!

  36. Rose

    Worst disaster was when my son spilled his glass of water over the platter of just carved turkey. It was really moist after that!

  37. Joanie H

    I am 24, so I haven’t been cooking thanksgiving dinner all that long. so no diasters to date. although i just remember doing half the dinner last year and it was intense work!

  38. Our family tradition when I was growing up was to scrape the black bottoms off of the burnt dinner rolls. Without fail the rolls would be left in the oven as we all sat down to dinner. Someone would finally notice, grab them from the oven, and put them in a basket anyway. The tops were still good. We got so used to having the square bottom of a burnt roll next to our plate that the year they didn’t burn was the year we all laughed about it.

  39. Katie

    Thank goodness I havent had any disasters yet! Even tried to make cornbread dressing the first time as a college student and it turned out perfect!!

  40. Carrie Igl

    Stuffing in the ‘self-basting’ turkey turned the stuffing into grayish, weird stuffing soup. But when you invite your husband’s single friends over for dinner, you learn they’ll eat ANYTHING as long as it tastes good.

  41. Alisha

    One year as a girl my mom was in charge of making all the pecan pies, and she forgot to put in the sugar! So we make a marie calendars run.

  42. Jennifer M

    My biggest Thanksgiving disaster was when I was 10, and helping my mom cook dinner. She asked me to boil a bunch of eggs (for pea salad, and deviled eggs, and stuffing). I got a stock pot boiling, and then CRACKED ALMOST TWO DOZEN EGGS INTO THE WATER! My mother almost cried. Thankfully, it was early enough in the day that the stores were still open and she could get new eggs. That did not turn into something fun, except for the funny story we can tell every Thanksgiving.

  43. Chelsea P.

    I had the typical turkey isn’t done cooking when the rest of the meal is sitting there getting cold:)
    I’m hoping my timing is better this year!

  44. I haven’t had a turkey disaster yet because I always spend Thanksgiving at my parents house. However, this year we will be cooking Thanksgiving and my fingers are crossed that I don’t have a disaster.

  45. Amy

    My Thanksgiving disaster was peeling potatoes over the sink and thinking I could send the peels down the garbage disposal. That was not pretty. But in the end it all worked out and we had a nice dinner!

  46. Kay H

    One year we cut into the turkey and it WAS NOT DONE!!! So we put it back into the oven, enjoyed the sides and conversation, and had turkey for our final course—quite a while later.

  47. april v

    No huge disasters that I can remember but I know we’ve over-cooked more than our fair share, and we just try to salvage what we can and try to eat it anyway..:)

  48. rita

    One of my early turkey’s. Didn’t know what I was doing and followed TIME of cooking recipes. Well. When it was done it looked kind of pale so I turned on the broiler to get the color right. Well, as you can guess. It was pretty raw inside. The fun part was I didn’t run away crying in shame when everyone didn’t take seconds. Or in some cases firsts. But the good news was I had little leftovers of everything else.

  49. When I was about 7, my grandparents were coming to our house and wanted to bring the turkey. When they arrived, the turkey was not in the back of the station wagon…. Apparently, my grandfather had set it on the roof of the car while opening the back and then got busy loading other things in and drove off with the turkey still on top. Ended up being a vegan Thanksgiving!

  50. Terri

    One year we fried one turkey and roasted one turkey – my SIL was in charge of the roasted turkey and when my brother was carving it, it wasn’t cooked through – we ended up putting the half carved turkey into the hot oil left from the other turkey and it was fantastic…….love fried turkey but with the price of peanut oil now ($50/3 gallons) we won’t be frying a turkey this year : (

  51. One year I bought one of those betty crocker bake & fill pans. Big mistake. My plan was to bake a chocolate cake, fill it with chocolate mousse, and ice it with chocolate ganache. I baked it, filled it with mousse and was going to ice it in the morning. It totally fell apart. My husband called my mother-in-law and told her I wrecked the cake for dessert. Then inspiration hit. I chopped up the cake – mousse and all – and put it all into a 9 x 13 pan. Put a little more mousse on top and drizzled the ganache over top and delcared it to be “Ugly Cake”. There were almost no left-overs and everyone loved it. Ok, so not much of a disaster…but it almost was ๐Ÿ™‚

  52. Barbie

    no disasters – I pretty much stick to our “traditional” fare, so there are no surprises. There was the year that my sister in law made some bourbon balls and when making them she forgot that she had already put the bourbon in, so she put in more. Not sure you would consider that a “disaster”!

  53. My Thanksgiving disaster didn’t actually include a Turkey, but one year, my little brother shook up a bottle of soda and it exploded all over the kitchen right before we served dinner. What a nightmare!

  54. Lori Summers

    I’ve never done my own Thanksgiving. One thing I’m thankful for is my grandparents are still around so we still have Thanksgiving at their house every year, but everyone brings things so my grandparents don’t have to do any cooking. I haven’t had any real disasters, but every year, I make a pea salad to take. One year, I asked my dad to pick up a few cans of peas for me while he was at the store. When I went to make my pea salad, I realized he had gotten the peas with pearl onions and mushrooms in it. I was not thrilled and thought it was going to be a disaster, but it turned out really good and so now that’s what I use every year to make my pea salad and everyone loves it!!

  55. Had everything ready for dinner, and couldn’t find out why turkey still wasn’t done. Come to find out my oven gave out and was only about @ 200degrees when I checked it. Had to bring turkey to another house to finish cooking it

  56. Megan M.

    I haven’t really had many disasters, although one year my oven burned out on me a day before I was going to make a small Thanksgiving dinner, and I had to use my sister’s tiny oven (she lived in a small apartment and didn’t have a full-size oven) and then take the food back to my house. It was interesting. ๐Ÿ™‚

  57. Jamie Chatham

    I haven’t personally had any disasters but I was at a Thanksgiving celebration about 15 yrs ago that did. The turkey was not done when it should have been so the edges of it were cut off and microwaved while the rest continued to cook.

  58. Cynthia

    I’ve had a couple of cooking disasters that I didn’t try to save. Last year though, I was rushing around a little too much and slipped and fell down the basement stairs landing on the side of my face. So, I spent Thanksgiving dinner looking like a bloodied Rudolph…a little too early for the Christmas decorations, I think? This year, I’m planning ahead and I ain’t rushen around! ๐Ÿ™‚

  59. Cassie

    Thanksgiving was almost a bust this year because I almost wasn’t able to spend it with family which is what it is all about for me. Luckily I get to now ๐Ÿ™‚

  60. I was adding black pepper to a green bean casserole and the top fell off dumping tons of pepper into it. I dug as much of it as I could out and even added a potato. Well, it was horrible! I’m no longer allowed to make green bean casserole! We still laugh about it every year.

  61. Kellie

    We had a small disaster one year with the stuffing, it got placed on top of the stove and then the wrong burner was turned on…let’s just say that 9×13 glass dishes really are not supposed to be used on the burner…stove top came to the rescue that evening ๐Ÿ™‚ although, homemade really is the way to go…Happy Thanksgiving.

  62. Deborah

    Spending most of my life in the beautiful Pacific Northwest we often would experience some sort of “stormy time” during Thanksgiving. Never the 20 feet of snow type in the colder climes, but rain and wind that would bring those huge Douglas fir trees down on powerlines. Often there would be power outages that would occur early on Thanksgiving Day. One year just as I was getting the bird all stuffed and ready to place into the oven, the lights went out! What to do? We had a Weber charcoal grill… I had never done a bird on a grill, though our good friends often did. So I summoned my courage and attempted the feat. The turkey did not turn out beautiful, but it did cook (after I removed the 50 pounds of stuffing I had just stuffed it with!) The turkey took forever to cook, had quite a bit of burned/dried meat on the outside, but our family did not care. We treated it as an Adventure. I made the stuffing into a thin sheet wrapped in foil and it cooked alongside the bird. We often joked about our Thanksgiving cookout in the storm. (Luckily, I had made the pies the night before, so turkey, stuffing and pie was our menu…not too bad, considering.) We had and do have so much to be thankful to God for!

  63. Kandice McDermott

    My mom retains all control over Thanksgiving dinners. I’m nearly 30 years old and have never hosted one. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m pretty sure there have been few, if any, disasters in her kitchen the day of, however. She’s a professional and she is amazing! A disaster wouldn’t dare mess with my mom on the big day! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  64. Lara

    I personally haven’t had a disaster but when I was a kid we went to someone’s house for Thanksgiving. He decided to grill the turkey and the grill caught the siding of the house on fire. I don’t think we ended up eating turkey that Thanksgiving.

  65. Cheryl Hopkins

    The only disasters I have encounter was planning to cook a traditional dinner with a large turkey at a cabin we rented. The oven was too small for the turkey, any side dishes. We had to chop the turkey to cook on baking sheets. Thankfully there was propane BBQ that we cooked the side dishes on in the freezing cold.

  66. I have been very fortunate to not have had any disasters. The only thing that comes to mind that went wrong was an under cooked fried turkey. Our turkey was SO big that it didn’t cook all the way through, so we had to cut it into pieces and bake it to finish cooking it. Still came out yummy b/c we had already fried it ;O)

  67. Marcy Blackwelder

    The year my husband decided to fry a frozen turkey that was twice as big as the recommended size stands out in my mind as a Thanksgiving Disaster! Hot grease was exploding all over the place for a couple of hours. On second thought, this doesn’t qualify… There was NO way to salvage that disaster, and the cleanup was horrendous! LOL. But I can laugh, now. He hasn’t tried to fry a turkey since. We now use the massive turkey fryer (that he just HAD to have) to boil corn-on-the-cob at family get-togethers! haha! I don’t allow him near the peanut oil, anymore!

  68. Jenn

    My husband and I were doing our first Thanksgiving by ourselves and were too scared to do a normal turkey, so we got this frozen Jennie-O turkey loaf thing. It was TERRIBLE. Gross to look at and gross to eat (and took forever to cook to!). Unfortunatley, our main dish couldn’t be saved that year, but we learned to never do that again! Since then, we got a little frozen fully cooked turkey from Sams. Still not as adventurous as doing the real thing (stuffing it, etc.) but it tasted delicious. This is our last year having Thanksgiving just the two of us, we’ll have our baby boy by this time next year, so one of these days, I’m going to break down and attemp the full blown turkey experience. ๐Ÿ™‚

  69. charissa

    we went to my aunts for thanksgiving when i was a kid. she had been cooking the turkey all day when she went to cut it at 6pm the turky was still raw inside! it was then she realized her oven did not work! thank god for mash potatoes and cranberry sauce because that was our dinner since we could not make anything else. to this day we still laugh about it.

  70. Alexandra

    I actually haven’t had any disasters, because I’ve never had to host Thanksgiving or cook for it! But this will be my first year hosting AND as a big bonus, it will be my first Thanksgiving meal with my soon-to-be hubby. Hopefully, the food will be delicious and disaster-free.

  71. Torey

    I have never had a disaster cause I have never had to cook thanksgiving dinner but I’m sure when it’s my turn there will be a disaster!!

  72. Kelli

    I wasn’t me but once at my sister’s house the turkey just would not get done. So we had dessert first! ๐Ÿ™‚

  73. Heather

    Thank goodness I haven’t had any disasters to this point!! But we always try to do at least one new dish every Thanksgiving so it may happen one day!

  74. suzanne

    I haven’t had a turkey disaster but I always ruin the rolls. I either burn them or under bake them. Since I cook for several extended family members and friends on Thanksgiving I have started delegating rolls to someone more trustworthy.

  75. Weezie

    My family enjoys a traditional German sausage stuffing “log” that is baked in a glass pie pan- last year I somehow managed to bake it at 450F instead of 350F and burnt it to an absolute crisp! Thankfully, the outer “crust” had baked up so fast that the interior was the juiciest it had ever been- somewhat nontraditional, but accidentally delicious!

  76. CW

    One Thanksgiving my wife decided to make a turkey breast in one of those rotisserie ovens. She got up at 5 am to put it on, and, around 6 am, she woke me and said “Come quick, the turkey’s on fire!” Turns out the string wrapped around the turkey had caught fire! We got the turkey out, put out the fire, and ended up roasting the turkey in the oven. It turned out great!

  77. Carolinachef

    Fortunately my worst disaster was overcooking my dressing. I seem to be the only one in the family that can re-create my mothers dressing….We don’t have a recipe and she passed away over 20 years ago. I spent a lot of time with her in the kitchen, so I guess I absorbed the methods she used. Back to the disaster… I was cooking in an unfamiliar oven and it dried out. It was about an hour before I was supposed to be at our family dinner and I was devastated. I looked around the house I was in and found some chicken boullion, removed the dressing from the pan, mixed a couple eggs with the chicken broth and worked it into the dried out dressing. I then put it all in muffin pans and made, what I told my family was, dressing bread pudding. They loved it. All was well with the world.

  78. Rebecca

    I forgot to turn the oven on and didn’t realize till almost 3 hours later.. Oops! So our dinner was all sides. ;(

  79. One year the turkey didn’t thaw out in time. (It had been thawing in the fridge for 4 days!!!) My mom and I spent an hour giving old tom an ice bath. We joked around a lot and my husband thought we were nuts! Thank goodness dinner only wound up being about an hour late!

  80. Emily

    I think the best Thanksgiving story happened when i was younger and my mom was in charge of bringing the rolls to thanksgiving dinner. So she had them in pans all around the kitchen rising on the oven door and even chairs. Well she was very tired at one point and forgot there was a pan on the chair, sat right on the rising rolls! It was funny the rolls were very flat but still tasted great!

  81. I was just assigned dessert for Thanksgiving. My family would love that sheet cake. The biggest disaster on my side of the family every year is that my grandmother doesn’t use salt when she cooks…disastrous for anyone who likes their food seasoned! We joke that we have to stash our own salt shakers for the meal.

  82. Sherry

    One year my husband and I were in change of the pumpkin pies for thanksgiving at my parents house. We decided to make them together, I made the crust and he made the filling. They were all done and looked yummy, when my husband said “I can’t remember putting in the sugar.” Sure enough, they were sugar-free and not tasty at all.

  83. miranda

    My only Thanksgiving disaster (so far) was when I left the crock pot of mashed potatoes in my refrigerator and drove off without them! I wound up stopping at a gas station to buy instant potatoes, cream cheese, sour cream, milk and butter and whipped them up quickly once I got to my parents. I was able to pass them off as my aunts recipe and since then, I have used the instant as a time saving trick when I don’t have time to boil, peel and mash potatoes.

  84. For the last few years we have decided to have a little get-away over Thanksgiving, but we must always go somewhere that has a Cracker Barrel. If we aren’t going to get homemade cookin, Cracker Barrel is the next best thing. I don’t recall any disasters the years I did cook it though. I just do the basics and then there are no surprises. This year we haven’t decided yet where we are going or IF we are going anywhere. I just may need a turkey!

  85. Jan Smiley Carter

    Decided to make rolls from scratch only to discover after making them that the yeast had quit working and they weren’t good enough for company BUT hubby enjoyed the bread pudding the next day made with the flatty rolls.

  86. Karen

    Despite common sense, I always try a new recipe for rolls every year. I’m not great at breads so they usually turn out a bit chewy, but my boys cover them in honey and still they they’re the best!

  87. Danielle

    I’ve been lucky not to have too many disasters. One funny memory is my husband’s grandma making the pumpkin pie one year and forgetting the sugar…it did not go over well with everyone!

  88. Erica Williams

    I haven’t had any disasters that I can remember… so they must not have been too bad ๐Ÿ™‚ BUT, gotta say…Your Smoky Buttermilk Baked Mashed Potatoes are one of my very favorite recipes and I make them a few times a month! Love Picky Palate!

  89. Rebecca

    My mom has always been the planner, chef, and hostess of Thanksgiving and since I was a kid I’ve been her assistant. One year, when I was in college, my sister got into a car accident late afternoon on Thanksgiving day (thank goodness she was ok!) and my mom had to go and deal with that, so teenage me had to take over and be in charge of the whole thing! When the other guests arrived we actually had fun running around and trying to figure everything out and it luckily it ended up being delicious!

  90. I did over cook the rolls, or something happened to them during the mixing/kneading/rising process, but the kids had fun using them as baseballs in the backyard! lol!

  91. Sarah

    One year, my sister-in-law somehow managed to get a plastic lid inside my oven door. We had to take the door apart to get to the lid and managed to put it together again. Thanksgiving dinner saved!

  92. Debbie W.

    I had the turkey all ready for the oven. Put it in and cooked it. I always do this the day before so I am not so rushed thank goodness I did because when I was taking the meat off the bones I noticed something inside the turkey. I had left the innards inside. It still tastied good and delicious.

  93. Tama

    Brined a fresh, organic turkey in apple cider. When I removed it from the oven, it was totally black and charred. Yuck!

  94. I have been very fortunate to not have had any disasters. The only thing that comes to mind was an under cooked fried turkey a few years ago. We had to cut it up and finish cooking it in the oven. But it was still delicious b/c it was fried ;O)

  95. No disasters yet, but one year at my parent’s house our cat tried to eat the leftover gravy in the kitchen while we were eating and stepped in one of the pies in the process. He was such a bad cat!

  96. Wanda McHenry

    I’ve never had a Turkey disaster, thankfully. For some reason my Turkey’s are always moist and delicious!

  97. Jaclyn Jayne

    โ€œHave you had any Thanksgiving Disasters that youโ€™ve turned into something fun?โ€
    Last year was my first time hosting Thanksgiving at my house or cooking any form of meat myself besides a chicken breast or hot dog! haha. We are newlyweds and did not have any serving pieces or silverware at the time, so my parents had to bring it all over. My dad told me to use his roasting pan for the turkey, it worked a little too great because our turkey was done an hour and a half before we were supposed to eat!!! We had to rush to get the sides done. All in all it wasn’t a disaster but definitely want to practice before next time.

  98. Pamela Rose Budd

    The electrical power went out at my parents house where the turkey was cooking and where we were supposed to have guests and dinner. So with no lightts, heat or an oven – Plan B was my house, under construction getting a total remodel. We were with family and that’s all that mattered.

  99. Cortney B.

    I burned the marshmallows on the sweet potatoes. Unfortunately there is nothing fun about burned marshmallows…so far that’s been my only disaster.

  100. Sara Osborne

    I left my dressing in the refridgerator over night and it dried out terribly! I didn’t know what to do because thanksgiving without dressing is a no deal so I added warm water to the mix and it came out perfectly!

  101. The only disaster I can remember is walking into my sister’s kitchen one year (she was hosting our family thanksgiving dinner) and seeing a box of Stovetop Stuffing. Seriously???!! We have brought the stuffing every year since!

  102. Yes! One year I completely forgot to cook the turkey. We had chicken instead and the next weekend I invited everyone out for a smaller turkey dinner.

  103. Jessica M.

    No serious accidents for me yet, a couple narrowly avoided ones. I almost forgot to take out the giblets and neck with the first turkey I made.

  104. I had been dating my boyfriend(now husband) for 3 months, and we decided I would spend Thanksgiving with his family that year. It was a great and fun Thanksgiving, but by that night we were all fighting for the 2 bathrooms in the house…it was terrible!! Most everyone got food poisoning. The only thing fun about it is that we can all look back and laugh about how terrible it was!

  105. I haven’t ever done Thanksgiving on my own (wish me luck this year!) but a couple years back my mom made sweet potatoes with bananas from a recipe she had seen Tyler Florence make. It came out looking perfect! We all dug in looking forward to this beautiful dish and it was awful. It tasted horrible! We all dug in together and the looks on our faces was priceless. Mom said go ahead and spit it out, she wouldn’t be offended. We still tease about that!

  106. Pam

    We were at the morning Thanksgiving church service, and my mom asked me if I had any problems getting the turkey in the oven this morning? I stopped and turned around and went straight home to take it out of the freezer! I had everything else under control for the day except the turkey!

  107. Heidi

    I have ruined rolls more times that I can count!! I don’t usually turn them into anything fun…BUT I either remake them or take as it is and it usually is fine!!

  108. Jill

    Fotunately, my wonderful Mom hosts our Thanksgiving dinners, so I’m only responsible or bringing dessert. And I don’t have a good dessert disaster to share. But I’d love to be able to provide my sweet Mama with the turkey this year!

  109. Jessca miller

    I forgot to put the sugar in the pumpkin pie one year. That is one story I will never live down! We had a good laugh and no pumpkin pie that year. It was disgusting!

  110. Ashley M.

    One year I over cooked the rolls and was so mad at myself. Instead of staying in my pity state, we took them outside and hit them with golf clubs and baseball bats. Granted we didn’t have any rolls with the meal, we still got a little exercise after dinner. ๐Ÿ˜›

  111. Melissa

    The first turkey I ever made (back in 2001) was raw on the inside. Nothing good came out of that. I refused to make another turkey for the next 6 years. I made one in 2008 & it turned out wonderful.

  112. Once our garbage disposal decided to spit everything back up. I was too young to remember whether or not it turned into something fun at the time. I just remember my dad, grandpa and uncles trying to clean up the mess with a bunch of plungers. At least it’s funny looking back on it!

  113. jacqueline

    Havent had any Turkey Day cooking disasters yet but ive only cooked 1 Thanksgivng meal alone. But id love a free turkey!

  114. Catherine

    My husband bought a last minute ham but we didn’t have enough time to soak it (to get salt out) so we cooked it the next day. No one ate any, it was SSSOOOO salty. Sad! ๐Ÿ™

  115. Rachel

    One year I forgot to take the liners off of the pie crusts. I baked the pumpkin pies and then saw the liners peaking out. I scooped out the pie, removed the liners and patted the filling back in. Once covered with whipped cream you never even knew what had happened. ๐Ÿ™‚

  116. Schmidty

    One Thanksgiving (when i had many guests) I baked a huge amount of rolls, last in the oven before we sat down to eat. I burned the bottoms …they were black. My daughter helped me slice the bottoms off of every one of them and we served them without bottoms …and to this day my kids ask, “Mom, are we having black bottomed rolls this year?”

  117. Karri

    When I was 10 I made a couple pudding pies and had them on the counter before we were going to bring them to my Grandma’s. When I went to grab them they had cat paw prints in them, my cat had gotten into them. Needless to say we didn’t bring them that year.

  118. Jen

    I made twice baked sweet potatoes that took an hour longer to cook than anticipated! They were done midway through our meal!

  119. Turkey day disasters turned fun? I’ve definitely had some turkey day disasters…why just last Thanksgiving, I had a momentarily life changing experience. It happened so fast and really just…had an impact on the day. Let’s just say my car and a person riding their bike ran into each other. Ok yes, a biker hit my car. I know, right? I totally thought I ran them over, but as it turned out, it was their fault!! I thought in the car vs. bike equation car always loses. Anyway, that was hard to bounce back from. This year I’m not driving anywhere!

  120. Jennifer Marsh

    One year the cat jumped up on the counter and pulled the turkey to the floor just before everyone arrived. We scrambled to clean it up before anyone found out. I am still scarred from that year!

  121. Jen

    RSS feed entry

    I made a cranberry, white chocolate, peacan pie one year. The white chips never melted and made the pie have a funny texture. Reheated the next day and it was good with ice cream

  122. Karin

    My only disaster was when my FIL wanted garlic mashed potatoes for something “different.” I figured it would be easy enough, but I had never used fresh garlic before. I didn’t know that I was supposed to roast the garlic first, so I put raw garlic into the potatoes… Big mistake! The potatoes were inedible, but we still laugh about it to this day (12 yrs later). I have since made them without incident!

  123. Audra

    One year, the oven broke and we had no idea until 2 hours into the turkey “cooking” thankfully, Marie Calendars was open!

  124. One year we had a turkey disaster where the turkey was frozen all the way through. Luckily we were able to get a pre-cooked turkey from a local deli and every year since we’ve had Turkey day catered ๐Ÿ™‚

  125. Sheena Mahrle

    I brought a dish to pass – and it was TERRIBLE! It became the joke of the evening, but it turned into fun because I got a lot of good cooking tips from my grandmother ๐Ÿ™‚ A great bonding experience!

  126. Peggy

    The only “disaster” could be a dry turkey (yuck), so this year we are going to try brining! I can’t wait. My brother brined one last year and it was the yummiest thing that I have eaten in a long time!!

  127. Hilary

    Thankfully, I have a mom who insists on cooking the turkeys for our family – so I get the pleasure of just handling dessert! No disasters just yet, but maybe I should try some new recipes this year and see if I can’t make a disaster happen! ๐Ÿ™‚

  128. sandra

    My only disaster was that I didnt consider how many things I would need to use my oven for and didn’t have enough room to get everything cooked! I was very late getting dinner done!

  129. Ann Self

    The year I tinkered with the menu to make it “healthier” I added a roasted root vegetable dish to the spread. My son described it as “roots, shoots and leaves.”

  130. Erin B.

    One Thanksgiving my parents were suppose to come up to my brothers house to celebrate. My Dad is usually the Thanksgiving cook..he makes everything. Well the day before they were suppose to come he got the stomach flu and had to stay home! We all went into panic mode because nobody makes dressing like my Dad! So my brother calls my Dad on Thanksgiving morning to get the low down on how to make the stuffing. My mom took over the Turkey making and I baked and baked. The dressing turned out ok…for my brother’s first time making it it was pretty good actually. Of course nobody makes Dressing like my Dad’s…must be the pound of butter he puts in it becuase my brother said he just couldn’t bring himself to put that much in…LOL!!!

  131. Judy

    I forgot one year to put the stuffing on the table – never missed it til we were cleaning up. It was delicious the next day with the leftovers!

  132. Janice

    First time deep frying a turkey I was concerned that it was looking pretty dark on the outside. Got it in the house, and the inside was still raw!

  133. Stephanie Long

    Thankfully there haven’t been any disasters in our family yet but one year my Mom did manage to cut herself with a knife the night before!

  134. Sabrina

    Well I burnt the stuffing 1 year. Just completely forgot it. It was black and crispy. We all had a good laugh over it and it was a great holiday anyway.

  135. Emily Johnston

    Last year as I was transfering the turkey to plate it, it broke in half!! (good sign of a tender bird!) I was so sad it didn’t look beautiful, but my family ate it all the same

  136. Allison Johnson

    One year for Thanksgiving dinner I was making a pumpkin cheesecake and without my knowing, it overflowed the springform pan in the oven, enough so that it caught on fire inside the oven. The house was filled with horrible smelling smoke and the cheesecake was tossed… no one really wanted a smoked dessert ๐Ÿ™‚

  137. There is always little disasters here and there in my house. Nothing inedible and always things we still laugh about till this day! Thanksgiving is the best no matter what the turkey ends up tasting like!

  138. Kathy

    the only disaster, if you want to call it that, was food not ready when the guests thought it should be !!! You know, sometimes things take alittle longer than you think !!! ha ha

  139. Meghan

    Actually, I can’t think of any thanksgiving disasters, but then again we always go to a family members house for dinner. I’m sure I will be witness to my own dinner disasters in the future!

  140. Not exactly a disaster, but my husband dislikes turkey and pretty much every other iconic thanksgiving food, so we started a new tradition of adding a pizza to the spread.

  141. Suzette

    our family of 35 finally all got together for Thanksgiving. We had 3 turkeys going and 1/2 when we checked the turkeys realized that the oven wasn’t working. So no turkey was happening. So we ran to the store only could find cornish gain hens grabbed a bunch and dutch oven cooked them. They turned out really yummy and with all the sides everyone left fat and happy.

  142. Monica H.

    No disasters yet, but I did drop my phone in Turkey drippings 2 years ago…my husband has not let me forget that ๐Ÿ™‚

  143. When I was in my 20’s my friends and I thought we’d be cool and buy that Thanksgiving dinner from the grocery store. Supposedly already everything is all premade and ready to go….no so much! We spent about 3 hours heating everything up. Could have cooked it in that time! So we all ended up going out to a local restaurcant for food! Lesson learned…homemade is best!

  144. Michelle

    I tried to make chicken and dressing in my crockpot and it cooks way too hot. I turned out like wallpaper paste.

  145. Kat C

    Of course I like you on Facebook! And stuffed cookies are the new fav in our house, even being requested to make the smore stuffed cookies for thanksgiving!

  146. Kat C

    Biggest thanksgiving disaster was my mom breaking her leg right before thanksgiving so I ended up having to cook the whole meal myself with her guidence of course…luckily things turned out great and I showed her a couple of tricks along the way.

  147. Heather

    My first attempt at cornbread dressing resulted in a big pan of dried out brick-like mess! My family tried to eat it to help me feel better, but later a friend came to dinner and said “Oooh weee, this dressing is WAY too dry”… all I could do was SHAKE MY HEAD and laugh out loud (crying on the inside).

  148. Connie Pruitt

    My very first Thanksgiving dinner I left the neck and giblets inside the bird. Didn’t even know what that was and suprised when it was carved. I think alot of people have done that.

  149. Michele C

    After 20 yrs of doing Thanksgiving dinner, I am lucky to say no disasters yet. Who knows this might be the year something DOES go wrong…

  150. cara

    I did have a turkey mishap. I was making an early thanksgiving for friends and forgot to start defrosting the turkey early. My turkey had many many baths trying to speed up the defrosting. Believe it or not the turkey actually turned out fine, but I had a huge water bill from all the turkey bathing that took place.

  151. Erin

    My green bean casserole turned out soupy one year and it was not a creamy soup, it was a watery soup. LOL I still have no idea what I did wrong, but thankfully I have not had the same problem again. Thank you for the giveaway!

  152. Debbie

    No real disasters other than the turkey taking way longer than expected and dinner not being served when everything else was ready to go.

  153. Szkent

    One year we were celebrating at my sister’s new townhouse. She clearly had never used the oven before and we could not get that sucker hot enough to cook the turkey thoroughly. Our Thanksgiving LUNCH turned into Thanksgiving Dinner. We just drank A LOT and had Dominos until the turkey was ready.

  154. Larissa

    I had a disaster that certain people won’t let me live down. My mom had let me borrow her big roaster as she had done every year. I got up early put the turkey in it. Turned it on and went about cooking. I baked pies made all the sides and once my parents arrived my mom made a comment I can’t smell the turkey. I said it has been on since like 5 am it should be about ready. My husband opened the lid, which I had checked on once, and the turkey was room temp and raw. Yes the roaster decided to quit on my that year. We live in the country so there were no stores open. But a friend saved the day with a brisket.. It was a sad day…

  155. Amber

    Well it wasn’t really a disaster, but it sure made me feel bad….does that count? LOL
    For fun, and with Mom’s prior approval, my husband and I brought a small turkey to deep fry to the family Thanksgiving dinner. No one had every had one and we all wanted to try it since it was the new fad at the time. Please note that my mom makes absolutely MARVELOUS turkey!! Well, the deep fried turkey turned out so good that everyone wanted the deep friend and left Mom’s beautiful turkey untouched. I felt so bad to take away from Mom’s turkey!! To this day, I just bring a dessert and life is much simpler!

  156. Alyssa

    My only disaster is the burn mark that I still have on my wrist from accidentally letting the immersion blender out of the soup before turning it off. The hot soup burned my skin! Two years later I’m still rocking that scar. Needless to say I haven’t forgotten to turn the blender off since.

  157. Jenette Marie

    2 years ago my hubby and I got together with some friends to smoke a turkey. We were all new to turkey smoking, but were determined to try a new method and have a thanksgiving party with friends. Whoever did the cooking time calculations was WAY off and we didn’t eat until almost midnight. Luckily we were with friends and still had a great time… even if we ate ALL the side dishes before the turkey was done. ๐Ÿ™‚

  158. KJ

    I’ve only hosted ONE family Thanksgiving so far, and everything ran smoothly. But this year marks attempt #2, so we’ll see!

  159. For our second married Thanksgiving, we were supposed to host, but I was pregnant and was put on bedrest for the long weekend. So, everyone pitched in while I sat on the couch and watched. It was kind of the best way to do it, actually!

  160. ColleenMarie82

    No real disasters my husband fried a turkey one year, just for our house and lets just say it was not my favorite.

  161. Denise P.

    I had the turkey on the counter to warm up a bit before cooking. When no one was around the dog took it! I found him and it in the family room. I washed it and cooked it and never told anybody. (We all lived)

  162. Megan M.

    The first year I hosted Thanksgiving dinner with my new in laws, I put the pumpkin pie in the oven without the tin pie holder that comes with it. Needless to say, when I went to check on the pie a half hour later, it was a soupy mess on the cookie sheet I had place it on. My sweet mother in law scoop it back into the pie pan and we ate the pie in a heaping mess. Every year we continue to laugh whenever it’s time for me to put the pie in the oven.

  163. Last year was my first Thanksgiving ever! I’d always gone to family’s houses for the holiday. Last year my boyfriend and I decided to host our first holiday dinner and invite our friends who had no where to go. We had 7 people total and everyone brought a dish. The turkey was a little iffy at first. We checked it half way through and the temp said it was cooked but it didn’t LOOK cooked. That was almost a disaster. But we cooked it longer and everything was delicious!

  164. Robin Schick

    Almost set the house on fire while cooking the Turkey at 500 degrees, but after the first hour,(to crisp up the skin) then I turned it down and we were fine.
    The best turkey ever, brined.

  165. Sarah F

    I invited 25 people over for my first turkey dinner. I was hoping not everyone could make it… just incase it did not turn out. Everyone came, the house was full and it was the best turkey everyone had ever had! It was AWESOME!

  166. Nicole

    The Thanksgiving my daughter was born we had 20 people over to our tiny condo. The turkey weighed more than she did. I spent the entire time crying because my parents couldn’t be there. And it was the day I started drinking again after pregnancy/nursing. I’m an awesome hostess. And by awesome, I mean that I’ve been banned from hosting Thanksgiving again.

  167. Samantha Barber

    Our family always whips up heavy whipping cream to top the thanksgiving pies, my mom happened to use pickling salt instead of sugar to sweeten the cream a couple years ago. (My grandma had simular tupperware containers for each.) Needless to say we all were a bit surprised when we dug into dessert! YUCK!

  168. Two years ago I was in the hospital and got out just a couple days before Thanksgiving. I was still pretty much on bed rest so there was not going to be the big traditional Thanksgiving. Our friends heard about our Thanksgiving and put together a wonderful dinner for us and dropped it off. I felt so blessed.

  169. I’ve been privileged not to have any disasters, but my sister-in-law had one. Her oven quit working last year the day before Thanksgiving, and she was supposed to host for three friends. They ended up going out to eat and seeing a movie,and she swears she’s doing the same thing this year.

  170. Gina

    Done the bag left in the turkey, chinese buffet on T-day complete with food poisoning, and lots of lumpy gravy. No true disasters, but all small mishaps are fun stories…

  171. erin

    Lucky for us, no disasters to date! We were sure last year was going to be it when we attempted to deep fry a turkey but much to our amazement we were successful!

  172. Char

    I haven’t really had any recipe failures, just constant changes in when and who. Not sure what is going on for Thanksgiving this year. Empty nesting has it’s benefits and downfalls.

  173. Jennifer C

    One year when the Atkins diet was all the rage my Aunt and Uncle did not make mashed potatoes for our Thanksgiving meal. Boy did they hear about and keep hearing about it every year. Those potatoes are now on the table every year!

  174. Rachael F

    We haven’t had any disasters for a long time, (knock on wood)My Sister in law didn’t thaw the Turkey all the way two years ago, which we had to delay eating for another hour, but we played boggle while we waited.

  175. Amy Martin

    The first Thanksgiving I had at my house I put postato peels down the garbage disposal… didnt know that I wasnt supposed to due that. Well needless to say we had a sink full of water and potato peels that wouldnt drain and my turkey was so juicy that it overflowed the cooking pan and started smoking and then the fire alarms in the house went off and that is when guests started to arrive. Oh well we managed to laugh it off and have a great Thanksgiving anyways.

  176. First Thanksgiving with the in-laws in town – I tried to make home made rolls – I put them in the warmest room in the house to rise and then forgot about them. They rose all right – all over my daughter’s dresser… Mom-in-law ran to Bashas and got some brown and serve rolls – not the best but it did the trick.

  177. I burned the top of the turkey, while broiling it in the last 4 minutes. ๐Ÿ™‚ It was my first time making turkey. My hubby said it will make us remember it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  178. Lisa

    My first turkey was one of the ones with the pop up timer. When I thought it should be done, I couldn’t find the pop up thingy. We pulled it out anyway and put it on a platter, what I had done was cook it upside down, with the breast in the juices. Turned out great – we had the most tender, juicy breasts ever!

  179. Margaret

    My first Thanksgiving in college was a disaster! I cooked a turkey for the first time and left everything in the turkey–the neck, gizzards, everything! It was disgusting to find it AFTER the poor turkey was baked!

  180. Tara

    I love your recipes & blog!

    My mother hosted all of her kids & their families last year. Since we were all staying from out of town she was so consumed with getting the guest rooms ready, baby proofing the house, etc. that she forgot to start the oven. We arrived in the mid-afternoon & someone mentioned within the hour that they didn’t smell the turkey! I felt so bad for her b/c she worked so hard to try & make everything perfect & forgot to start the oven. There was plenty of food/apps to hold everyone over & we had a LATE Thanksgiving dinner. These times are the best memories to look back on and laugh at. Happy Holidays to you all!

  181. Well, since I drink soy milk I thought it would be ok to use it in the mashed potatoes last year, but I forgot that I had vanilla soymilk… its a running joke with the fam!

  182. Susan

    No – nothing really bad has ever happened. My mom is a fantastic cook and taught me well….although my sister told me she is baking the stuffing in a pumpkin….that should be interesting…..and my nephew insists that I served a tofurkey one year…I totally have NEVER done that….it has now gained urban legend status

  183. Brandi Briseno

    A couple of years ago our turkey we thought our turkey was done, so we carved it and it was still pink. Instead of putting back in the oven we stuck it in the microwave to cook!! We still laugh about our Microwaved turkey dinner.

  184. monica

    The most common mistake that I did the first time I made a turkey was to leave the bag in the neck, didn’t find it until we were carving the turkey. Haven’t made that mistake again.
    The 2nd worst incident was in our first house, first Thanksgiving to host and our sink clogged up before the guests arrived and we were unable to use the kitchen sink for anything. We were very creative in washing dishes in the tub until we could tear apart the sink to fix it.

  185. Sue

    Slight accident while frying a turkey, did get a partial new deck out of it.
    But have great respect now for hot oil and chilled turkey!!!!!

  186. No disasters that I can think of, but it seems like there were many dinners when I was growing up where halfway through dinner, my mom would realize she had forgotten to set out a certain dish she had made ahead. That was always fun.

  187. Ncnike7

    One year my mom and I made 12 pumpkin pies for a big family Thanksgiving feast. After hours of work my little brother accidentally dropped a football in one! Luckily it was just one pie ruined, but we still haven’t let him live it down!

  188. Emily Virkler

    I have never hosted Thanksgiving. It is something my mom always does. She one year tried to make homemade cranberry sauce and burned it, but we poured it over some snow and it make for some really pretty pictures!

  189. My brother and I as teens decided we wanted to contribute a side dish to Thanksgiving. We decided on boxed mashed potatoes. Well, we mixed up the measurements and added waaay too much milk, making it like a potato soup. So we had turkey, dressing and potato soup that year!

  190. Melissa

    Thankfully, I haven’t had any real disasters. It does seem to take a lot longer to cook the turkey though than I usually plan for. That just means we usually are much later eating than expected, but oh well. Gobble Gobble!

  191. Vicki

    I have never really cooked a big meal. the first time i did, i prepared everything the night before. what i didn’t take into account was i needed to added time to cook because everything was cold out of the fridge. well we all made our plates and microwaved them to heat them up. thank goodness it was all close family.

  192. As a Canadian reader I’m hoping we are eligible for this giveaway? Anyway my turkey disaster story was when I had my Mother-in-law coming for dinner as a GUEST. However, she then proceeded to take over my kitchen with my sister-in-law. At one point I became rather irate and tried to grab something off the stove but my MIL jumped in my way and instead I managed to burn my arm rather badly. At that point I had had enough and decided that if my MIL and SIL wanted to take over so badly then they could finish the meal! I went and sat down and had a stiff drink – to sooth my burn, of course. I still have a scar on my forearm from that day but I’ve learned to just not try to cook for my in-laws.

  193. Andrea

    My very first Thanksgiving turkey I discovered, after roasting it, that I had put the turkey upside down in the roasting pan. Years later – roasting a turkey upside down was said to make the turkey more juicy. If only I had known I discovered a cooking secret ๐Ÿ˜‰ My mom did say it was the best turkey she ever had.

  194. Tricia Folsom

    I probably haven’t cooked enough Thanksgiving dinners to have a big disaster yet. But my rolls are always hit or miss so I have decided to just give up and use frozen rolls. Saves time and they are always yummy.

  195. Sheila

    Our Thanksgiving Disasters happen when my In-laws & kids came up for the day. Our weather was very cold & windy, so I planned on us eating early so everyone could make it home in case we had a storm.Well dinner was almost done cooking when a Big snow storm started .(Our home is all electric)The electric went out & I still had to make the veggies & rolls.So I asked my husband to start the bbq.Everything turned out great & in-laws made it home safe.

  196. Kristi C.

    Haven’t had any Thanksgiving disasters left but this will be the first year my grandma isnt here with us and doing the majority of the cooking so it might get interesting.

  197. Ellen

    I was in charge of making the rolls, and I made these fantastic rolls….or so I thought. Apparently they weren’t cooked all the way through! So we just ate the outsides of them. Now I know for next time to cook them a bit longer so we won’t be eating dough-balls!

    Life is good ๐Ÿ™‚

  198. I dropped the pumpkin pies one year (two of them). Fortunately they landed right side up, but they still ended up crumpled and broken. I tossed them in a pretty trifle bowl, layered them with some whipped cream, and they tasted fantastic. No one was the wiser, except my husband who was helping me de-thaw some cool whip tubs!

  199. Laurie

    Well one time I made cornbread dressing (or stuffing) in the crockpot. I follow directions on how long to cook it, lets just say it didn’t get done all the way. I had to take out of crockpot and put in the oven and dinner was late! I will ‘like’ you on Facebook too! Great giveaway!

  200. Melissa Moore

    My first attempt ever at cooking a turkey (I was 14), I accidentally roasted it upside down. My mother was horrified, but to this day we all say it was the best turkey we’ve ever had. Makes me think I should do it on purpose this year!

  201. Since so far I’ve only been a guest and not hosted a Thanksgiving the pressure is usually not on me! I have had some homemade pie crust failures and ended up recovering with a store bought pie crust – I just try not to get too stressed out about these things!

  202. Sarah

    We’ve one pretty decent disaster with our family and Thanksgiving. My cousin had just moved into a new house and we nominated her to have dinner at her place. She got a pretty big turkey seeing there was close to 15 of us coming over. No one filled her in on the fact that the cooking time for a turkey varies by the size. We all got there for dinner around 4pm, and well needless to say the turkey was not done yet. She put it in at noon thinking it would be done by 4. Good thing everyone brought side dishes and deserts because that is what our Thanksgiving turned into. That turkey wasn’t even fully cooked until almost 9pm that night.

  203. โ€œHave you had any Thanksgiving Disasters that youโ€™ve turned into something fun?โ€ One year I had put our turkey in a garage fridge to dethaw but the fridge knob inside got turned to high and ended up with a VERY FROZEN turkey. I ended up getting a turkey from a neighbor who just happened to have an extra…so we ended up having turkey day together with our neighbor…and the frozen turkey ended up in a match of “Frozen Turkey Street Hockey”…it was sooo silly but what a memory!

  204. Linda

    I’ve been cooking Thanksgiving dinner for 38 years and can’t think of any incidents I’d call disasters. Several times dinner has been later than planned because a recipe took more time to prepare or dishes were waiting to go in the oven, but hungry family members have always been very forgiving!

  205. Richelle

    I have never hosted Thanksgiving and made the turkey but this is my first year and all of the scenarios have played through my mind!

  206. Melanie

    No real disasters, just the stress of getting everything on the table, hot, at the same time. I have a timeline that I follow every year, and look out if you get in my way!

  207. I’ve had more Thanksgiving “blunders” than I care to discuss, but the one that turned out WONDERFULLY was the year that I made a pumpkin spice cake that had been layered with cranberry preserves and topped with maple cream cheese frosting. It slid right off of the cake plate and onto the kitchen counter as I was putting finishing touches on it, so I took the smushed up cake and made a trifle out of it! Nobody knew that I had made a cake, so they were none the wiser! ๐Ÿ™‚

  208. Kelly Burke

    My oven quit working halfnway through cooking the Turkey so I pulled out my electric pressure cooker, cut up the bird into sections & threw in and voile we ended up having shredded turkey! It ended up being different but none the less still very tasty! It’s all about being able to quickly adapt and not stressing when things don’t always go as planned. Spending time with my loved ones was the best part of the day!!

  209. Jen

    i had a banana bread. I divided the recipe in to 2 mini loaf pans. They got to big for the pan there was banan bread dripping down the sides of the pans.

  210. sophia

    I had a disaster… the power went out while I was baking my turkey in my electric stove. Luckily I lived close to my parents home and they had a gas stove! Problem solved…

  211. I have yet to host a Thanksgiving! I am really looking forward to it when it is my turn, but for now we split the holiday between the parents and in-laws. ๐Ÿ™‚

  212. Courtney

    I personally haven’t had too many disasters. However, when my best friend called me after cooking her first thanksgiving once she got married, it was a disaster. She didn’t know to take out the giblets, and neck from inside the turkey so she stuffed the turkey with dressing and roasted it. Then realized about an hour into cooking what she had done. She called in a panic and asked me what to do. We laughed a bit and I told her to continue cooking it, unstuff the turkey and dispose of the giblets and neck bone. Nobody knew except us and we still laugh to this day about it

  213. Renee

    I was having all of my husbands family (33) for dinner. Mistake 1 huge turkey, it just wouldn’t get done. Lesson learned cook 3 or 4 smaller birds, faster, more juicy and tender and lots more turkey legs.


  214. Tina

    I have not had any disasters yet, but I hopefully have many Thanksgiving dinners ahead of me, and there might be a disaster at some point down the road!

  215. karynn

    I feel lucky enough to say that so far I have not had any Thanksgiving disasters, but I am sure it is only a matter of time!

  216. Melissa

    each year dad decides to do something different to the cornbread dressing so then we can’t figure out what true way to make it is. ๐Ÿ™‚

  217. Jennifer G.

    Thank goodness we haven’t had any major disasters. Guess I should “knock on wood” for luck huh??? ๐Ÿ™‚

  218. Amanda Auwen

    Yeah, I once had the idea that I would make an entire turkey and share it with the family and it would be so delicious that nobody would be able to stop eating it and then they would ask me for the recipe and love me forever and ever and ever and… I neved made turkey.

  219. Patricia Irizarry

    A couple years ago, I had all my family and some friends over for thanksgiving dinner. For some estrange reason when I took the turkey out it was not ready:(( my guests were starving, so we had the longest blessing of the food, I served the salad firs with yummy rolls, and I made sure everyone was talking lots, that gave my turkey more time in the oven.
    When I took it out it was perfect and nobody notice that I was running late with the turkey, and we all had a lovely time

  220. Lanna

    My mom dropped the pan of cornbread dressing upside down on the floor when taking it out of the oven. We just put it right back in the pan and served!!

  221. Morgan

    Last year we tried to fry a turkey for the first time…well we fried it a little too long! It was black and crispy! Good thing we had about 3 times too many desserts to fill up on!

  222. Teri Dingler

    The main disaster I have had so far is my dressing did not turn out at all! We just didn’t eat it! But the rest of the meal was great!

  223. I have managed to forget about the yams in the broiler “toasting” the marshmallows for several years in a row. Yes they burn and we do it again… after the laughing subsides. It has happened so often the kids think it is a tradition!

  224. Oh, I remember one really BAD one…I was probably about 17 years old — that will be my excuse!! — I decided to make a pumpkin pie out of a real pumpkin instead of using canned puree and was following a recipe out of an old natural foods cookbook. I remember being pretty distracted by dealing with the pumpkin while making the pie. I took the pie over to my then boyfriend’s house as my contribution to the dinner. I was so proud of myself…and then my boyfriend’s father took the first bite out of his piece and made a funny face…it turned out I had forgotten to put in the milk in the pie filling. It was yucko!

  225. I never had a disaster that became fun… but I did have a cranberry upside down cake that ended up completely raw in the middle and burned on the outside (still have no clue how that happened). Just made other desserts to make up for it ๐Ÿ™‚

  226. The only realy disaster I’ve had is trying to make gravy the way my Grandma makes it. Oh, and I injected a turkey one year to give it more flavor…and I couldn’t taste it.

  227. Lisa

    No real disasters. Closest we’ve come is MIL insisting we have Thanksgiving at their place so I didn’t but a single thing. She calls a day or two before Thanksgiving to say they are going out of town. So I had to rush out and get stuff.

  228. <