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Harbour Galley Review Disneyland Soup

Harbour Galley Review | Disneyland

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Harbour Galley: Located in Critter Country

Harbour Galley is that small seaport building you always pass when heading to Splash Mountain.  This is the place when you’re craving soups, seafood, or baked potatoes.   Many like the clam chowder.
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Award Wieners Review California Adventure Hot Dog

Award Wieners Review | California Adventure

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If you’re at Disney and on the prowl for Hot Dogs–Award Wieners is what you’re looking for.

Hot Dog Combo – $6.29

Here is Disney’s basic hot dog that I’ve seen my boys eat and have had bites here and there when they don’t finish theirs.  Disney uses a chicken and beef mixture for their hot dogs.  Also, you may be happy to know their buns are multi-grain; and if you need to stay away from gluten, just ask.  Actually, anywhere Disney sells hot … Continue Reading »

EdelweissSnacksReviewTurkeyLegsDisneyland Plate

Edelweiss Snacks Review | Turkey Legs | Disneyland

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Edelweiss Snacks:  Located in Fantasyland

Finally!! I tried one of those Jumbo Turkey Legs that you see other Disney goers chowing on like they just shot the turkey themselves.  I’ve seen so many people eating them through the years of frequenting Disneyland–but a review on Picky Palate is what pushed me to try it.

The Switzerland themed Edelweiss Snacks is located just North of the Matterhorn ride and South of It’s a Small World.  They open at 11am–sometimes a few minutes early–so don’t plan on turkey legs for breakfast.

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TomorrowlandTerraceReview Plate

Tomorrowland Terrace Review | Disneyland

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Next time you go into the future while at Disneyland, stop by Tomorrowland Terrace to enjoy a quality breakfast burrito.

Tomorrowland Terrace:  Located in Tomorrowland

Breakfast Burrito – $7.49

If there’s a better breakfast burrito at Disneyland, I haven’t found it.  I love the eggs, chorizo, black beans, and potatoes–they all come together like a morning burrito should.  Despite the lackluster tortilla, this burrito is a winner.  I’ve had it twice, and will make sure to enjoy on my next visit.  And please, Mr. & Mrs. Disney – I am requesting an improved tortilla across all Disney restaurants.  It’s badly needed.
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RanchoDelZocaloReview Plate

Rancho del Zocalo Restaurante | Disney Dining Review

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Rancho del Zocalo at Disneyland has a nice Spanish theme, but is the food up to par with the decor?

Rancho del Zocalo:  Located in Frontierland
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