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Picky Palate Meal Plan Week 42
More meal plan recipe ideas for ya! Hope you enjoy!
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's Day Chocolate Bark

Valentine’s Day Chocolate Bark

Feb 3, 2017 | Desserts, Sponsored, Valentine's Day | Tags: ,

This Valentine’s Day Chocolate Bark will brighten everyone’s day!

It’s always a pleasure partnering with Fisher Nuts to bring you new fun recipes.  I’ve put together a Valentine’s Day treat that will put a smile on everyone’s faces.  I’ve added some of my favorite dessert ingredients to make a chocolate bark that is so much fun!
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Greek Yogurt Whole Wheat Blueberry Muffins

Greek Yogurt Whole Wheat Blueberry Muffins

Jan 30, 2017 | Breakfast/Brunch | Tags: , ,

Sharing my Greek Yogurt Whole Wheat Blueberry Muffins today, perfect for an afternoon snack!

It’s so nice to have fresh muffins on the counter.  I whipped up a batch of blueberry muffins using Greek Yogurt and whole wheat flour.  They’re hearty, not overly sweet and perfect for an afternoon snack with the kids.
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Picky Palate Meal Plan Week 41

Picky Palate Meal Plan Week 41

Jan 29, 2017 | Meal Plan | Tags:

More Meal Planning recipe ideas for you!  Hope you enjoy!
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Perfect Valentine’s Day Desserts

Jan 27, 2017 | Desserts, Valentine's Day | Tags: , , ,

Sharing Perfect Valentine’s Day Desserts today to make your loved ones smile!

Peanut Butter Strawberry Layered Shortcake
Who doesn’t want Perfect Valentine’s Day Desserts?  Had a blast putting together some of my Picky Palate favorites.  My layered Strawberry Shortcake is a stunner.  Heads will turn when this beauty is brought out to a table.
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Ice Cream Sundae Brownies

Jan 26, 2017 | Brownies and Bars | Tags: , , ,

These Ice Cream Sundae Brownies have ice cream in the batter which make for a perfectly fudgy brownie!

If you haven’t tried my Ice Cream brownies before you must!  This recipe is one of my favorites from 2010 when I was just a young little blogger 🙂  Thought it would be fun to make a video to show how fun these are.  A little facelift with new pictures too.

Hope you enjoy!
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Make Ahead Country Burritos

Make Ahead Country Burritos

Jan 25, 2017 | Dinner | Tags: , ,

Sharing my Make Ahead Country Burritos today!

This is one of our favorite burrito recipes that we keep in the refrigerator to grab anytime we feel like it.  So perfect with your favorite hot sauce.  Breakfast, lunch or dinner, you are in for a treat.
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Gooey Snickers Cake Bars

Gooey Snickers Cake Bars

Jan 24, 2017 | Brownies and Bars, Desserts | Tags: , ,

These Gooey Snickers Cake Bars are sinfully sweet and perfect for any occasion! Great for bringing to parties!

There’s nothing more I love than a quick and simple dessert that has guests fooled at how easy the recipe is to prepare.  Grab a yellow cake mix, some chopped Snickers bars or the baking pieces they have available now in the baking section of the grocery store and some sweetened condensed milk and melted chocolate.  These literally didn’t even last a day on the counter.  Everyone loved them. Hope you enjoy!
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