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Must Have Burger Recipes For Summer

Sharing my Must Have Burger Recipes For Summer with you today! Grilling in the summer is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

Surrounded by family and friends, it really doesn’t get better than that. I’ve put together some of my favorite Picky Palate burger recipes that will be a hit with all of your guests this summer. Hope you enjoy!
Must Have Burger Recipes For Summer

Bacon and Ranch Cajun Baby Cheeseburgers

These burgers are mini and flavor packed with some of my favorite ingredients. These little bites are a hit at every party.

Must Have Burger Recipes For Summer

The Ultimate Breakfast Turkey Burgers

I don’t know abut you guys, but we love having breakfast for dinner on a regular basis. #putaneggonit 🙂

Must Have Burger Recipes For Summer

Cowboy Burgers

Something about BBQ sauce and burgers just make my heart sing. These bad boys even have onion rings on top. Drooling over here.

Must Have Burger Recipes For Summer

Turkey BLT Sliders

We really enjoy preparing turkey burgers in the summer. A little lighter but still great flavor. These little BLT Sliders get an A+.

Must Have Burger Recipes For Summer

Sriracha Bacon Cheeseburger

One of my latest burger creations right here. Just enough heat make these burgers perfect for summer parties. Go easy on the Sriracha for the kids and they’ll love it too!

Must Have Burger Recipes For Summer

Feta Sun Dried Tomato Turkey Burger Sliders

These Italian style sliders are one of my very favorites. So many great flavors going on, you can’t go wrong.

Must Have Burger Recipes For Summer

Baked Fajita Sliders

Last but not least, these cutie patootie fajita sliders are actually baked in a baking dish then cut to fit your rolls. Super easy and flavor packed.

Must Have Burger Recipes For Summer

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  1. 1
    Maria says:

    Josh would have trouble choosing between all of these!

  2. 2

    These burgers will keep my grill going this summer! Yum!

  3. 3
    Gaby Dalkin says:

    The turkey breakfast burgers are brilliant!!

  4. 4

    These all look SO good Jenny!!

  5. 5

    This burger seems wonderful and idea of using Turkey, excellent.

  6. 6
    Douglas says:

    The “water” helps keep the burger moist (it’ll never dry out during cooking) it will also impart the flavors of your spices into the meat as it turns to “steam”… Water works well… but for an extra kick of flavor use a red or white wine that you like. Remember if you use Red wine it will leave the inside of the burger pinkish…almost like it isn’t cooked. This is just the tannins in the wine. Enjoy!

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