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2012 Year in Review Picky Palate Favorites

What a year 2012 was. Weird to say “was.” Here’s to another couple weeks of getting used to writing 2013, always takes me a while, lol!

So many great moments in 2012. Had a new sweet baby and a cookbook published. Hard to believe. Having so much fun.

I have listed my very favorite recipes/moments of 2012 that I am excited to share with you. Let’s kick it off starting January of last year!

January 2012 I re-created one of my favorite treats from NYC, the Frozen Hot Chocolate from Serendipity. Even in the freezing cold it seems to warm the soul πŸ™‚Β  Frozen Hot Chocolate Serendipity Style

Since February is all about Looooove, I picked my gorgeousΒ Red Velvet Sheet Cake with Nutella Fudge Icing to share.


Stabucks offers some of the best baked goods behind that glass counter that seems to reel me in every time I pass. I re-created my own version of Starbucks Lemon Iced Pound Cake.

I make cookies of all kind all year long. These Peanut Butter S’mores Cake Cookies are one of my favorites from last April.


When May came along I created this Cheesy Chicken and Rice Skillet Dinner with Bacon that will have you swooning. Make sure you try this dinner soon!

For years I’ve been making my cinnamon roll recipe. I finally documented each step and shared it with you in June. Perfect Cinnamon Rolls According to Picky Palate.


July brought along my 60 Second Chocolate Chip Cookie Ala Mode. It’s made right in your microwave oven and is finger lickin’ good πŸ™‚


In August, I must have been a little nutty being very pregnant, there’s no other explanation for my Warm Baked Chocolate Chip Cookie Stuffed Oreos. You can’t eat just one!


September brought along my One Bowl Butterscotch Chocolate Chunk Cookies. Sometimes you just don’t feel like breaking out the ol’ mixer, so I decided to make this recipe that uses just one bowl.


Oh boy what a crazy month September was. Paxton Was Born and had a very scary first 3 1/2 weeks of his life. He is such a blessing and we can’t get enough of him.

October 22nd The Picky Palate Cookbook Was Published!Β  Talk about a whirlwind this was after just having Paxton. My cookbook that I had worked on for 2 years was finally available for all to see. So much fun.


November was all about cooking and baking with pumpkin. I couldn’t get enough! So one of my favorite creations was my Hearty Chicken Pumpkin Soup.

December. Seems like just yesterday….well it was, lol! One of my very favorites from December is my Creamy Junior Mint Hot Chocolate. We make this stuff all year long.

Here’s to a fabulous 2013 to all of us. I think it’s going to be a great year!



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  1. 1

    Congrats on your book, your new baby, and all the amazing recipes you’ve managed to crank out this year, Jenny! Can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2013. Happy New Year!

  2. 2
    Fanny says:

    Whaou ! What a program you had in 2012 ! I add a major event in November : you gain a new fan : me ! I can’t wait to see what you’ll show in 2013 ! Happy new year !

  3. 3

    Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!! Hope 2013 is another great year for you πŸ™‚

  4. 4

    What a year!! 2012 was so good to you!! xoxo- K

  5. 5

    Such a great year! All the best in 2013! xo

  6. 6

    It is weird to say was… gosh, I remember when we were ringing in 2000. Feels like just yesterday. Life is flying by! That skillet has officially peaked my interest. Wowza.

  7. 7
    Elizabeth says:

    Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family….love your cookbook and how simple the recipes are to follow….where do you find the time?..keep it up …I look forward to more good things from you in 2013

  8. 8
    Marie in Va says:

    Happy New Year! May your 2103 be Happy, Healthy and Hopeful!
    Love, Love your cookbook! I bought several for Christmas gifts and everyone loved them πŸ™‚

  9. 9
    Jenn says:

    Everything looks amazing. I think I just found the dessert I am making for Valentine’s Day (that red velvet sheet cake)!

  10. 10
    NeenAnn says:

    Congrats on a stellar year! I’m still enjoying that CookBook! You did an AWESOME job on that! Good work!! Bless your 2013… Daneen

  11. 11

    HAPPY NEW YEAR! I spent the afternoon pouring over your cookbook!!

  12. 12

    They all look so amazing! πŸ™‚ Congrats on such a wonderful year!

  13. 13

    What a year you’ve had, Jenny! I hope 2013 holds just as many wonderful moments for you.

  14. 14
    JulieD says:

    Congrats on your beautiful Paxton and your beautiful book and such an awesome year. I’m sure 2013 will be awesome too!! xoxo

  15. 15
    Maria says:

    What a great year! Paxton is such a cutie and we are loving your book! Congrats! Can’t wait for 2013-it’s going to be a fun one! xo

  16. 16
    Stephanie says:

    What a great year in review! Congratulations on both baby Paxton and your cookbook! Happy new year!

  17. 17

    What an amazing year you had! I bet it was a blur, even more so than usual, with all you had going on.

    I can’t wait to see what next year brings for you!

    Happy New Year!

  18. 18
    RaeLee says:

    Your Cheesy Chicken and Rice Skillet has become a staple in our house. I’ve even made it for company (to rave reviews)!

  19. 19

    Chocolate chip stuffed Oreo cookies?! Those are on another level!! Bravo!!

  20. 20
    Amy says:

    So proud of you, Jenny! What an amazing year you have had!! xoxo

  21. 21

    Baby… cookbook… all these baked goods… what a kick-butt year! Happy New Year Jenny! πŸ™‚

  22. 22
    Nathalie says:

    You had such a great year! Congratulations on everything you accomplished, on your beautiful son, and your ever fantastic recipes. I’ll keep on using your recipes, because the Dutch ones for cookies, cakes and whatnot are barely as creative and yummy as yours! I hope you have a great 2013. I know mine will be the best, since I am expecting my first child <3 Love from the Netherlands!

  23. 23

    Oh my goodness… I want to make ALL of these! lol Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family, Jenny! That Paxton is SUCH a cutie! πŸ™‚

  24. 24

    Looks like 2012 was a whirlwind of a year for you – I wish you nothing but the best in ’13.

    What a beautiful baby you have – and a beautiful mommy you are as well πŸ™‚

  25. 25
    jill says:

    Hi Jenny,

    I don’t know how I stumbled upon you, but thank goodness I did! Congrats on your LO and your book publication!

    Keep on cookin Mama – and I’ll keep on readin!

    Happy New Year!


  26. 26
    Nicole says:

    Happy New Year!! I keep messing up the date at work, wonder how long it will take me to get it right?! Congratulations on your cookbook and your beautiful baby! <3

  27. 27
    Velva says:

    May 2013 be filled with peace, family, laughter and plenty of good food.


  28. 28

    What a great 2012 you had! All the food looks incredible, and what a blessing Paxton is. Wishing you the best in 2013!

  29. 29

    […] I have listed my very favorite recipes/moments of 2012 that I am excited to share with you.Β  Let’s kick it off starting January of last year! Read the rest of 2012 Year in Review Picky Palate Favorites […]

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