Baby Shower Finger Foods

What a weird night at yoga this evening. Every time I want to shed a few extra pounds I find myself going back to my Bikram yoga classes. It’s a torturous sweaty 90 minutes, but I tell you, it is like no other work out. So anyway, the room is REALLY quiet and I mean quiet, with only the instructor talking in a very relaxing calm voice. This guy sitting next to me was in some pose and clearly passed gas. It was so awkward and I know I’m not the only one who heard him. He acted like it wasn’t him. I was so grossed out!

Ok, that was probably not worth sharing, but it’s late and this is what happens to me, I don’t think clearly this late!

Moving onto the food. Last Saturday morning, I helped with a baby shower for one of my friends at church and we served brunch type foods. I made these fun creamy cinnamon rolls on a stick that I intended to put in a cute pot with a bow, but couldn’t find my styrofoam to go inside the pot. They were ok on the plate too. Any sweet dough will do, I just picked up my handy Pillsbury crescent rolls and got right to work. I needed the time saver that morning. Quick, cute and delicious! My pictures don’t do either recipe justice. I was literally running out the door and thought, wait, I’ve got to snap a few shots of these. So, definitely not my best work here, but you get the idea.

Cream Cheese Cinnamon Rolls on a Stick

2 packages Pillsbury Crescent Rolls (preferable the packages where it is one rolled sheet of pastry per package)
2 8oz packages softened cream cheese
1 Cup sugar
2 Tablespoons cinnamon
2-3 Tablespoons melted butter

1 ½ Cups powdered sugar
2-3 Tablespoons heavy cream (do not substitute)

24 lollie pop sticks

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Remove rolls from packaging. Unroll each of the dough pieces so they are in the shape of rectangles. Roll each individual into an even thinness. Place cream cheese, sugar and cinnamon into a medium bowl. Stir until well combined. Spread half of the cheese mixture onto one sheet of dough and half onto the other spreading evenly across dough leaving about ¼ inch border around edges. Roll dough as if you were making cinnamon rolls, ending with seam side down. Cut 1 inch pieces and place all 24 pieces into mini muffin tins. Brush each roll with melted butter and bake for 15-20 minutes or until slightly golden around edges and cooked through.

2. Transfer rolls to a cooling rack and cool completely. While cooling combine powdered sugar and heavy cream until thick and drizzle ready. With a spoon, drizzle icing over each roll. Once rolls are cooled, press a stick into the bottom of each.

24 Rolls

These little quiche are so good. The hash brown crust does wonders here. I wanted to do a separate post just on the candied bacon, but ran out of time that morning with the photo shoot. I could eat a whole pound of this sweet crisp bacon alone. Do try these, they are great for breakfast lunch or dinner. All kinds of goodness packed into one little tiny quiche!

Mini Hash Brown Crusted Quiche with Crisp Maple Brown Sugar Bacon

12 strips Applewood Smoked Bacon
¼ Cup pure maple syrup
½ Cup brown sugar

2 Tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
1 package Ore Ida Seasoned Hash Brown with Peppers, thawed
15 large eggs
½ Cup heavy cream
1 ½ teaspoons salt
½ teaspoon pepper
¼ teaspoon garlic salt

1 Cup shredded cheddar cheese

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Place bacon strips onto a baking rack placed over a baking sheet. Brush each strip of bacon with maple syrup then press pinches of brown sugar over each strip. Bake for 35-30 minutes or until crisped. Remove and let cool. Once cooled, cut into ½ inch pieces. Set aside.

2. Heat olive oil into a large 5 qt skillet or dutch oven. Saute hash browns until slightly golden. Spoon a heaping Tablespoon of hash browns into 48 mini muffin cups that have been sprayed with cooking spray. Bake for 5-7 minutes then remove from oven. In a large bowl whisk the eggs, cream, salt, pepper and garlic salt until well combined. Fill each muffin cup nearly full with eggs. Top with a pinch of cheddar cheese and bake for 15-20 minutes, or until eggs are cooked through. Remove from muffin tins, top with crisp bacon pieces and serve warm.

48 mini quiche


Thanks to Amanda from for putting Picky Palate on her top 50 blog list for 2008! What an honor!

Be back soon with some more cookin!

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66 Responses
  1. Right now it sounds like Drupal is the best blogging platform
    out there right now. (from what I’ve read) Is that what you’re using on your blog?

  2. I would love to make these mini-Quiche Thanksgiving morning, but obviously that is a crazy morning. How do you think they would be if I made the bacon the day before, sauteed the hash browns the day before, and mixed up the filling the day before, then just baked the hash browns a minute or two longer than directed and proceed with the recipe the next morning? Trying to eliminate doing as much as possible Thanksgiving morning.

  3. Jenn

    Hi Jenny,

    I have to take muffins to a meeting on Tuesday. I wanted to make something savory. Do Mini Hash Brown Crusted Quiche have to be served immediately? Thanks for your help.

  4. Sadie

    hey Jenny, Thanks for this post! I am going to make both of these for my Sister in law’s baby shower this weekend. I was so excited to see your ideas. Mmmmmm as usual.

  5. Feed the moose

    Once again, a terrific idea from Picky Palate! I’ve got this filed away now for my next baby shower!

  6. Katie

    Just found your blog through a friend and I MUST tell you (although I’m sure you already know) it is JUST FABULOUS! Love all the ideas! Can’t wait for the next update!

  7. Marcella

    Cutest idea ever! I’m going to throw a baby shower for myself, these are so cute. And I’m not even pregnant. But I have a 9month old so he still counts as a baby. Plus, I need some new clothes for him anyway.

  8. Renae

    your recipes are always so delicious! I posted your chicken/spinach enchiladas recipe on my blog and linked it back to you :0)They were so ymuuy! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Jenny

    Thanks for everyone’s nice comments. You all are great. Welcome Kelly and Stephanie!

    I was just at a spin class with Jessica this morning and we were talking food while we were cycling. Thanks for your comment, hope you continue to find recipes your family enjoys!

  10. Millers

    Hey there,
    I am Jessica Johnsons sister and she turned me onto your blog quite a while ago. I have to say it is my saving grace. I send care packages to my stepson in Kentucky each month, and I have sent MANY of your goodies to him. He loves peanutbutter and chocolate so many of your recipes are right up his ally.
    Thanks for the help and inspiration. Keep them coming, we can’t get enough 🙂

  11. Stephanie

    Those cinnamon rolls look amazing! I love that they are so easy to make, but look really elegant and complicated! I just found your blog and I love it! I’m adding it to my daily read list.

  12. Kelly

    This is my first time visiting your blog. You have done a fabulous job with it and your pictures are great! These little cinnamon rolls on adorable.

  13. HoneyB

    Jenny! Just last evening my cousin asked me to cater a brunch for her…and your mini cinnamon buns and quiche recipes are the way to go! We were talking finger food so I was so tickled to see this post this morning!

  14. Lisa

    Oh, how cute! I’m talking about your food not the guy passing gas:)
    Your post had be laughing and i was trying not to wake anyone up since it is so late here.

  15. Proud Italian Cook

    So Yoga is your secret to looking so good in the midst of making all these sinfully delicious treats! huh? and you teach pilates too, right? I’m looking for a class ASAP!!!

  16. Bridgett

    I love the little quiches! I could easily become addicted to the little salty bite from the bacon. I bet kids would love the cinnamon rolls on sticks since they look so fun!

  17. Lucy

    Simply delicious! These finger foods look so good and fun… next brunch I do, I’lI need to remember this 😉

  18. Tasty Trends

    HAHA that is funny. there is one lady in my yoga class that ALWAYS farts!

    your breakfast looks so yummy with all the finger foods!

  19. hot garlic

    Ha! That is way funny about the yoga class. Awkward…

    These both look great and would be a hit at any shower I was in attendance at!

  20. Emily

    Oh gag me! I hate it when people do that!

    Who knew we were both working the dough and cream cheese at the same time! (I bet your kitchen looked a lot better than mine did afterwards!)

  21. Emiline

    I don’t know what I would have done if that happened to me in yoga class! Did other people notice it? I would have moved across the room away from him. At least it makes a good story!

    I love the cinnamon roll-bouquet idea.
    And the quiches sound awesome. Like a breakfast in one bite.

  22. Katherine Aucoin

    Jenny the rolls on a stick are such a great idea as are your quiches. I dunno…I should live at a party, I like finger food. I’m going to try your spaghetti recipe tonight..wish me luck.

  23. Jenny

    Thanks Sara!

    Hi Mer,
    Yah the sticks would be great in a bunch of baked goods.

    Snell Family,
    I used white sugar, but I think brown sugar would be fine as well. Have fun baking!

  24. The Snell Family

    Hey Jenny…the yoga story cracked me up…I have totally been there (gotta love the stinky person next to you that wont fess up):):) As for the mini cinnabuns did you use white sugar or brown sugar (I obviously have both on hand :)) I was just wondering if either would work…

  25. Mandy

    Jenny, I have no idea where you think of all these amazing things. Hash browns as crust? Genius!! I love the cinnamon rolls, you’re right, they’d be adorable in a little pot. I’m seeing them in a red pot with candy cane sticks for a Christmastime brunch. Yum!
    p.s. thanks for the approval on my cupcakes, I was very nervous about them!:)

  26. Karli

    Oh that is so fun! I’m throwing a Baby Shower this Saturday! Perfect!

    Jenny, our ward is putting together a cookbook of recipes that we love. I was wondering if you would mind if I submitted several of your recipes – I can’t get enough of them and would love to have them all in one place! I would definitely put your name in the credits – I think everyone should know about you. I’ll check back for a comment from you. Either way is totally fine.

    Thanks Chef Jenny! (PS. I’m Cami D’s cousin and the one that went crazy over your Mashed Potato recipe 🙂

  27. Jenny

    Hi Katrina,
    I agree, whenever the food is tiny, you don’t think it’s as bad!

    Hi Pam,
    It’s funny that was the first time I’ve heard that happen in class. Gross!

    Hi Amy,
    Hope you enjoy! I want to go up North, lucky!

    Anytime Megan, Miley and Chris!

    Hi Aggie,
    Trust me, I about busted up. I’m glad I controlled myself though!

  28. Aggie

    These both look awesome, your pictures are great! What cute ideas!

    I’m cracking up about your yoga story, I would’ve had a hard time not laughing out loud and falling out of pose!

  29. Amy

    These both look GREAT!! I love the bite size minis!! I’m going to have to try these up on the mountain this weekend!!

  30. Pam

    Two of my favorite things… cinnamon rolls and quiches. They look fabulous!

    The yoga story cracks me up. I swear, I hear someone pass gas at every yoga class I have ever gone too. It ruins the moment doesn’t it?

  31. Katrina

    Bummer (ha) about the guy in yoga.

    Cute idea with the sweet rolls on sticks. Love the mini quiches. I love mini things–makes you feel like you can eat more because they are small!

  32. Jenny

    Thanks Recipes2share!

    Thanks Donna,
    They work great in the muffin pan.

    Hi Maria,
    Enjoy the rolls!

    Hi Flourchild,
    I LOVE pilates too. I actually teach it. Pilates and yoga together is a great combination.

    Hi Noor,
    I just emailed you about my camera.

    I agree Sarah,
    Breakfast foods are the BEST!

  33. Noor

    I hope you get a better seat next time and not next that gross man, lol. I guess all those moves just were not working for him lmbo.

    Anyway, I love your cute finger foods. I am such a finger food person myself. I love to make stuff like this.

    What kind of camera do you use Jenny? I bought a new one a month ago hoping to get better pictures but I guess I just do not work it right or something 🙁

  34. Flourchild

    I love your rolls on a stick. I take a yoga and a pilates class too. I have never heard of Bikram yoga, it sounds hard. I agree with you on the yoga workout. I spin all most everyday and Im more challenged in my yoga/pilates class.
    To bad that guy had to fart ;).
    I love your blog..your family is lovely.

  35. Maria

    I love the cinnamon rolls! They are so adorable! I am going to make these for sure!

    But about the yoga…make sure you don’t sit close to that guy again:)

  36. Donna in VA

    Gosh, BOTH of those sound wonderful! I’ve made the cinnamon rolls before, but never thought about putting them into the mini muffin pan. What an excellent idea!

  37. Jenny

    Hi Stephanie,
    Yah, the guy was gross, but the food is great!

    Hi Rita,
    Yah, I was chuckling inside trying not to ruin the yoga mood. It was sick.

    Me too Beth, he was right by me. Hope you like the little quiches.

    Thanks Mikky!

    Hi Mary Ann,
    I love those popsicle sticks, they are fun for sure!

    I am still laughing at your comment, you are too much!

    Hope these will be of some help to you Carol!

    Have fun at your party Prudy!

    Thanks Allie,
    I love those cream cheese jalapenos too! Yum.

    Thanks Ali.

  38. Allie

    I love bacon and syrup together I don’t know why but they work well with each other. My favorite is creamcheese stuffed jalpenos wrapped with bacon then covered with syrup and grilled. No wonder I’m on a diet all the time! Love the idea putting the sticky buns on a stick!

  39. Prudy

    Oh, yes candied bacon goes over big around here too. Those look like darling brunch foods-wouldn’t they be fun at a neighborhood brunch party. My mom and I are trying to throw one together so thanks for the ideas.

  40. carol

    So much for peace and tranquility at yoga class! Ugh…….one word………….MEN! Sometimes it amazes me what they do!
    Anyway-LOVE the cinnamon roll pops-how cute are those!? I have a baby shower to go to in Oct….haven’t gotten the invitation yet so don’t know what time it will be, but what a cute idea for a “what should I bake and bring?” Love the mini quiches too….could go for one of those right about now as a matter of fact!
    Thanks Jenny-you’ve done it again!

  41. Leslie

    I just hate it when people fart at the gym! I remember running on the tread mill one day and I WAS THE ONE WHO FARTED!!>>GASP>>>! I said to the girl next to me..WHOOOA..I just tooted and it stinks..sooo sorry. She just laughed and appriciated me owning up to my stinkyness!!

  42. Mary Ann

    That is pretty digusting, but it made me laugh! I love your minis. Don’t you love those popsicle sticks, I made something fun with them too! Can’t wait to try these as well!

  43. mikky

    both of them looks sooo good, i don’t even know which one to look first.. :)..perfect for parties… thanks for sharing…

  44. Beth

    how embarassing! i hope people didn’t think it was you? Loving the mini quiches – i make a version for hubbys cricket tea.

  45. Clumbsy Cookie

    Sorry about the yoga guy, but it made me laugh! I love food on sticks, the rolls look cuteeeee! And the quiche is adorable too, i really love miniature food, I think everything mini looks way cooler!

  46. Stephanie

    Those both look great! But yuck on the guy at yoga – I can’t imagine that being very pleasant.

    Candied bacon sounds so good right now, yum…

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